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Praise the Lord sister Laura!


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 Re: Head Uncovering and Head Covering

Someone drew my attention to the fact that there are materials on my Biblebase website which are relevant to this discussion.

I think the article at the beginning of this thread is very well reasoned. I think some additions might be made and I am not sure whether the writer is suggesting that only married women should be covered in the meeting of the saints when her husband is present.

While I was in Canada a couple of years ago I felt led to preach on the topic. Some of the additions I would make to the article here surface in that message. You can listen to it here.

I think it is very significant that the opening section of this passage relates not to women covering their heads but to men uncovering theirs. If we begin with the question 'why are men forbidden to cover their heads in a gathering of the church?' we might get some powerful hints as to why women must do so.

edit: ps this message was given to a men's meeting in Abottsford, Canada.

Ron Bailey

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