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I believe you are on to something Oracio.I see people here and there beginning to seek and knock and they are getting pushed out of the "system" if you know what I mean.Jesus will have his bride pure.

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I believe you are on to something Oracio.I see people here and there beginning to seek and knock and they are getting pushed out of the "system" if you know what I mean.Jesus will have his bride pure.

Good post and I agree

The Apostles that gave us the New Testament made it clear that "grievous wolves and many antichrist" had already infiltrated the church in their time. Consequently Paul said that when "he who letteth let be taken out of the way" the mystery of iniquity would be exposed.

The phrase "he who letteth let" translated refers to the guardians of the truth that were the Apostles that once they gone the mystery of iniquity was free to take over the helm of the church that ushered in the reign of the tail.

Isaiah 9:15
The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.

As you said those who are seeking the truth and dare question what is being taught are being pushed out of the church. So we see the two witnesses in Re.11 that when their assignment is completed will be killed by what is spiritually in sodom and egypt "where our Lord was crucified" that points directly to Jerusalem that is a metaphor for the church.

In the OT they killed with swords of steel whereas these days they accomplish the same by the sword of the tongue that causes the warnings given by modern day prophets of God to go unheeded......... and the blind continue to be led by those who cannot see.

But like you said He will have a pure bride and judgment comes first to the House of God



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 Trouble in the mainstream.

The issue ,[a major one..] I think , has to do with an over-class that believes that they are the qualified ones, The "ministry" class, that usurps their dominance over the lay class...the common.

This is what is taught in all of the seminaries, and Bible colleges , and is accepted as the Norm by a vast sea of Christianity. There is a rising revolution within the ranks of the common, that proclaims equality, brethren, One body...with hands and feet that need one another, and compliment one another on an equal basis.

The gears that run such a mechanism as the clergy/laity system MUST have the tithe as the modem to grease the gears to maintain the "ministry class."This is coming to an end with a melting away of laity.

People are realizing that they are called to minister, and walk with god as equals, as part of a loving bod7y, not to "sit" or to 'lay" in a Sunday service and submit to a man, or an organized ceremony that titles a weekly lecture with monetary submission, and a few hymns chosen by a musician as worship.

It is vastly unfulfilling and dry,[ to sir or "lay", pay your cash, and listen to the lecture, and do the same next Sunday at 10....] and the majority of every church in the world that practices this controlling and ancient idea of One man to bring order, the Pastor, is experiencing trouble. I believe it is from the Lord.

The Meeting never, never, precedes the community. The church IS the community, the body; Members of one another......and equal and possessed for agape for one another....[at least the real ones...].

The frightening thing for the religious spirit..[for that's what it is..] is that it is the Lord that is instituting this revolution. He WILL have a spotless Bride, for it is written; "The Bride has made herself ready."

This is how I see the leadership of such a complete and loving temple of Jesus's leadership in that day when she glows with His light, filled with Love...

2Corinthians 1..
23. 'I call God as my witness—and I stake my life on it—that it was in order to spare you that I did not return to Corinth.

24. Not that we lord it over your faith, but we work with you for your joy, because it is by faith you stand firm."

The day comes when the master of ceremonies will be seated, to allow the body to edify itself in love, through the ministry of even the least of the brethren. When the weaker are are given more grace, the entire body can feed upon is even necessary to have those such.[weaker brothers who minister..]

Agape loves begins in the community, and it is very clear the disdain the Lord has for the professinal class that Jesus called hirelings.

"Many of us are unwilling to rethink our set ways/beliefs concerning what is authentic Christianity. The examples of Christ set forth in the Gospels, the book of Acts and first century Christianity are too radical for us to learn from and apply. We brush it all off as being antiquated and culturally irrelevant for today."

'Yet God is slowly but surely reviving/awakening a people for Himself, a remnant who are tired of all the compromise and lukewarmness they see all around them.

These are those who are willing to follow Christ outside the camp of conventional mainstream traditional Christianity(Hebrews 13:13);

They see too much apostasy and compromise within this "church" and hunger for the real thing'....Oracio Sandoval........

Amen Oracio....BT

 2010/12/24 22:07

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