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 How To Discern The Calling Of God?

Helo brethren. Sorry if the english is not so well.
This morning I was thinking about this question, because since some time ago I had wanted to preach, but I feel that the has to Lord work in me yet. Well, this the issue, months ago I saw a video ( that made me felt that God was confronting me.

Months later I thought that I had to something, that I had to preach, not only the Gospel, but also to display the mistakes and sins of the modern church, to help the weak in spirit and to teach how to live godly.The reson that I felt this, was maybe because some ministers begin to preach when they're 14-18 years old (I'm 16 years old). I know I'm weak, I'm poor and I'm the greatest sinner above the earth, but I cannot let more people die without Jesus. I want to show them Life & Truth.

There's a lot of things that I have to work in my spiritual life and I hope if could preach,to deal with everything, but is not in my strength nor my will, but is in Thy stregnth and will. God will show His soberinty through me.
I wrote all this, so you could judge better this topic.
God Bless you.

Isaac Alvarado

 2010/12/16 22:05Profile

 Re: How To Discern The Calling Of God?

Hello isaac.

This is not for you to think you are wrong. You have the right thinking but might need to do some things first.

We should be sure of what God wants us to do.

We are told to teach all by what we do and what we say. Before this we must pray trusting God to give us His power to do this. If that does not happen, the preaching will not do all the things God wants the most for us.

Alot of people think if they sit and learn to do and say things from others following Jesus, they can just go and preach.

God does not care for us to keep our own thinking about what we think should happen. God does not care what we think we should do.

We have to learn to follow what God teaches us to do or what we do for Him will not work the best way. This learning from Him does start coming through other believers, but without our Father in Heaven giving us the way to walk and do things the way he wants, what we do is not His best plans for others or us.

God wants you to preach and it is good that you can see this.

Going and preaching without His power working in us is not going to make us more spiritual. Going and preaching with the power of His Spirit working through us does not make us more spiritual.

Tell everyone you know and see about what Jesus has already done in you, but do not go and preach until you pray to our Father in heaven and he gives you the power of His Spirit.

Learning to think about what the Bible says by making it the one book you use is what will make room for His Spirit to work strong in you. Make it so what He says in the Bible is what you think about all the time.

He loves you and will give you everything you need to do what He wants. You just ask Him, and He will give you the good things you need to become more like Jesus.

Pray always about everything. Tell Him how you are so glad He is changing you to be like Jesus and that you will listen for Him to talk to you all the time. Tell Him how you know He will tell you what to do next. Tell Him you trust Him to give you the strength you need and the power to do whatever He tells you.

We are all poor in sin.

Without Jesus we can not do anything. Read and learn good what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about Jesus and what Jesus tells us to do. Fill your thinking with everything Jesus says and never quit doing this.

God will make you able to do this, but do not go preaching until He gives you His power to do it. Pray and ask. Even if you have to keep on asking Him for this, He is getting you more ready in other ways to do what he wants you to do more than just showing and telling people by how He is changing you to be like Him.

After He owns us, everything He lets happen around us is to teach us to trust and talk with Him more and more. This is so we can one day be what He wants us to become: Just like Jesus.

Show others His life and truth by letting Him work out His strength in you and through you. This is what we can always share with everyone we meet.

After you have prayed to recieve His know and strength to do what He wants, He will give it. For me, it happened before i ever was done praying for His Holy Spirit to fill me until flowing over with His gifts of love.Keep on be being filled with His Spirit. When you worship. praise, and thank Him He will fill you with His joy and make you stronger in His Love.

We all do wrong things if other things that are away from Him and His Word fill us: we can not hear Him clear enough to know what to do. After you have recieved this filling and pouring out of His Spirit you will know just what to do.
(When he tells you what to do, do it right when you are told every time or you will quit listening for what He is telling you. When you do what God tells you when He tells you, you will hear His voice more and more clear.

When we listen to Him and do these things, He gives us bigger and bigger things to do.

We all start small. The more we trust Him and rely on Jesus to make us able to do what He says, the stronger He makes us filling us up knowing Him more and better able to do what He wants us to do next. The more His love fills our heart, the more things He gives us to live like He wants in all we think and do and say.

The more we become like Jesus, the more we will do what He wants.

He will fill you with His presence just as you live to follow Jesus.

 2010/12/17 6:13

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