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 Selfless love is...

At the NANC conference Sat. night, one remark has stood out to me above everything that was said. Of course they were speaking on the topic of marriage, but it applies to everyone no matter what situation.

[b]Selfless love is INCONVENIENT.[/b]

This is such a wonderful statement to keep in mind. I reminded myself (and my family) of it all weekend. It's amazing how you'll go the extra mile, when you remember it.

I will even make a confession. When Stuart Scott (author of "The Exemplary Husband") was speaking about this, he was on the subject of the Husband's Role in marriage. He was talking about being a leader (a servant-leader)and what that meant biblically. And how the theme of servanthood applied to leadership; examples of unselfish love.

side note: "The test of your servanthood is how you RESPOND when you are treated like one."

Anyway, he discussed in fuller detail about selfless love being INconvenient. How easy it is to show a "convenient" love to your spouse or someone else. Nothing that makes you have to go out of your way or mess up your plans.

I thought of how my husband shows his love for me and then how I show my love for him. I realized right then that he shows inconvenient love to me, much more than i do. I felt really bad. I take it for granted that he goes out of his way for me and I haven't done this so easily. I am better but not where I should be. ouch!!!

So, I just keep reminding myself of this phrase. :-)

In Him, Chanin


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 Re: Selfless love is...

Side Note: "The test of your servanthood is how you RESPOND when you are treated like one.

You are very correct. Selfless love can be highly inconvenient at times. But I like that other quote better. It sure grabbbed me where I live. My first tendency when I'm treated like a servant is to rebel and say, "Do it yourself!". With God's help, I've been able to quell this most of the time.

Ed Price

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