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New York City

 Billboards and posters of Isaiah 53 all over New York City. God is doing something

I was driving out of the lincoln tunnel in nyc recently. I looked up and saw a huge billboard of Isaiah 53. In the middle of Manhattan. I've seen these on subways, bus locations etc. It is the famous glorius prophetic chapter of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Pastor Carter Conlon recently preached a prophetic message of a soon to come revival. I believe it has started. I'm seeing and getting little taste of it in my travels across the states.

I have a friend who has launched a similar project like the Isaiah 53 project. We are trying to rent billboards across america and put 2 chronicles 7:14 on them. It's a call for the body of Christ to cry out for our nation, our world, for revival, for mercy. A call to repent. A call to humble ourselves We are simply trying to get the body of Christ to meet corparetly at prayer stations, setup in many different towns, and cities, across america. Weekly. The beauty is regardless of denomination. As one body Lets cry out for our nation and the nations.

All that being said it is evident that God is moving. Below I pasted a copy of the article I found on the Isaiah 53 project in nyc.

The Isaiah 53 Campaign in New York City

Over the summer,------ Ministries launched an unprecedented public outreach campaign in New York City The campaign centered on Isaiah chapter 53, encouraging people to call or go online to get a free book called Isaiah 53 Explained. So far, this campaign has resulted in more contacts with Jewish seekers than we have had in decades!

The campaign began with phone surveys and postcards to Jewish homes in order to gauge the public’s knowledge of Isaiah 53. Four billboards were then unveiled in Manhattan: one on 42nd Street, and three over the tunnels that lead to New Jersey and Queens. This was followed by bus shelter advertisements all over Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, which proclaimed This Chapter Will Change Your Life. Similar ads appeared on phone kiosks, in subways, and on buses all over the city. This was accompanied by a Facebook effort that quickly accumulated over 1,500 friends. Finally, ads in The New York Times and radio spots came out.

During this roll-out of advertisements, over fifty staff members and volunteers came to New York City to do public outreach on the streets and in parks. For over three weeks, they set up tables and conducted surveys in order to give out material about Isaiah 53 and engage seekers in conversation. ------- Ministries also held a debate and an outreach concert as part of the Isaiah 53 campaign.

We have gathered over 1,200 contacts in the New York area. At least four people came to faith on the streets, and more have come to faith as we follow up with those who received the book. Some conversations are going very well and at other times we are received with animosity – but making so many Jewish contacts is unprecedented, and we trust that the Lord will bless our continued witnessing.

I had a conversation with the Jewish students who were about 18 years old. It was clear from the beginning of our conversation that they were not sure what they believed about the Messiah and Jesus; about all they knew is that they were “not supposed to” believe in Jesus. I shared my faith with them and explained that people are separated from God by sin, and that we need a sacrifice for our sins – which they understood. They argued that the Messiah is supposed to set up a kingdom, and I agreed. However, I also explained that the Hebrew Scriptures also describe a Messiah who would die for our sins. I encouraged them to search these things out for themselves, gave them my information and told them to contact me. I also invited them to a young adult Bible study. It was a wonderful conversation because I was able to share things with them that they had never heard before.

This campaign will continue over the next five to ten years on the internet and in other cities. Please pray as we continue to follow up with the contacts, the number of which is continuing to grow!

Contributed by Ryan K.

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 Re: Billboards and posters of Isaiah 53 all over New York City. God is doing somethin

This is awesome! We need to reach the Jews. They are ready to receive Anti-christ ? Scriptures like this one are what Jesus ,Peter, Steven
And many other used to lead Jewish people to the Lord!!!

Ps. I am with you on 2 Chron. 7:14

God bless.

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This is awesome! I pray that God blesses the work in these Jewish neighborhoods, shake them Jesus!

Thank you for posting this, I can pray for them now!

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 Re: Billboards and posters of Isaiah 53 all over New York City. God is doing somethin


I really like 2Chronicals 7:14 and think it will make a great billboard and t-shirt.

I was watching Ray Comfort preaching in central park in NEw York on DVD. Some of the people there were tough. I think that God got a hold on several that were attending.

When you have a web site up leave the url here on SI.

I would really like to follow what is happening there. :)

William Cato

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