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 John Kilpatrick - Brownsville?

I do not know much about this man.
Could someone fill me in a little?
I understand he used to be connected with Brownsville.

 2010/12/3 9:15

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Brumley Missouri

 Re: John Kilpatrick

During the Brownsville revival I had watched a few videos from brownsville. i like the way this pastor preached. Then after the revival ended, there wasn't much on this man of God.

i did find him a few years later on the internet. Just google and you eill find his website.

recently, i watch him on God Tv here is the thread

William Cato

 2010/12/3 10:43Profile


Thank you for answering me .
I know this person that is talking of going to hear him.
He does not know anything about him either.
We were just concerned...Just tring to to be inlighten. Thanks again

God Bless,

 2010/12/4 12:24


And, by the way William,
( or really,others also) Are you familiar with
David Pawson. He is with Good Seed Ministries.
He is from Britin...Europe..I believe.
I have heard some of his teachings, and have liked what I have heard.
Just thought I'd pass that on.
Lovingly ,

 2010/12/4 12:39

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John Kilpatrick has been a pastor for nearly 40 years, and for 22 years he served as the pastor for Brownsville Assembly of God. In 1995 on Father's day there was a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit, and that was the start of what is known as the Brownsville revival. Steve Hill was the evangelist who ministered the word at most of the meetings during the revival.

John Kilpatrick has a heart for revival. He has been involved in establishing churches and mentoring pastors.



 2010/12/4 12:56Profile


It was an man orchestrated move. Saw the video.
Toronto light.

 2010/12/4 13:26


I Thank you Rev-Enue,
I'm sorry butI do not really understand.
Could you please explan a little more
about what you are saying?


 2010/12/4 13:42

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Some here believe that he is real, while some here believe that he will lead others astray. Since he is famous for his 'revivals', I will talk about them here.

I think many here (at least those that posted) believe that Brownsville started out real but then fizzled out because of the flesh.

He later went on to endorse Todd Bentley (Lakeland)(who's false and associated with the Kundalini experience). When things turn south for Bentley, then only did he voice his concern about the Lakeland revival.

Now, he's into another revival called The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Unlike the Lakeland revival which is easy to tell its false, this revival is much harder. A poster here mentioned that the bible promised a strong dillusion at the end times and this maybe could be it. Some here believe this revival is still false. There has been reported cases of healing, the most famous is of Delia Knox who has not been able to walk for many years. But the thing that is hardly ever mentioned is 2 parties (can't remember who but I think at least one was a news agency) asked for her medical records etc which she has decline to show. Some sceptical parties have mentioned that her legg mass/musles (whatever you call it) is still there when anybody who is unable to walk for even a short few months would know that their leg mass would disappear by then. Anyway, it could really be true healing going on for others or for her case, but that in itself does not guarantee that there's a revival going on.

I'm going to attach 2 threads here (which believe the Lakeland and Bay of the Holy Spirit revivals are false). I'm sure you will be able to find plenty of people supporting these revivals as true.


 2010/12/4 14:55Profile

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I personally attended both revivals, I went to Brownsville in 2008 and Mobile last September (before Labor Day).

John Kilpatrick in my view is a man of God, I have NEVER heard him endorse Todd Bentley. Although I never heard him say anything either for or against Todd I do know that Lindell Cooley left no doubt in my mind what he thought about 'The Lakeland Outpourring' debacle. Pastor John may have made a passing statement without knowledge of what was happening internally though. The reason why Lindell is relevant in this is because they speak frequently.

Regarding the news accounts of Delia Knox:

It's no surprise to me that 'the god of this world' chose to highlight Delia Knox and get the message that he wanted into the airwaves.

In order to believe that she was not healed (or in the process of being healed) you would have to assume that she just decided to sit in a wheelchair for the past 23 years, this angle is ridiculous.

Like the blind man that Jesus healed, all that I know is she couldn't walk as the result of being hit by a drunk driver 23 years ago, and she can walk now.

What the news FAILED to mention is the little boy who was healed of a documented brain tumor, there is medical evidence for that. Another example is a lady that was healed of lupus, she brought her medical records in and showed that she was cleared while we were in attendance. Additionally, there was a lady that was cured of cancer, literally days from death (medically diagnosed) who has recovered.

John does not preach in the revival, Nathan Edwards does, like Steve Hill did in Brownsville.

Do I agree with everything that goes on there? No, but I probably wouldn't have agreed with everything that went on at Azusa St either however, the fruit remained.

People are being saved and healed as well as the gospel being preached to sinners, that's all I know and I would classify that as a 'revival'.

John is an AG pastor and I choose not to judge him by his affiliations but by the fruit of his ministry. One thing that I know is: he's a humble man that has an intense desire to see a lost world saved.

Bless you brothers and sisters!

 2010/12/4 15:34Profile

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John is an AG pastor and I choose not to judge him by his affiliations but by the fruit of his ministry. One thing that I know is: he's a humble man that has an intense desire to see a lost world saved.

As part of the community rules on the sermonindex forums we must be careful not slander someone's name. We can exhort and warn about a person if there is obvious dangerous doctrines and teachings or immorality that they are promoting.

I believe that he could be a very humble and honest man with a desire to see God work and save souls. My problem is with the entire concept and way that people are seeking revival in our last generation. There has been a huge shift from biblical preaching, confession and conviction of sin and prayer.

Most of the modern revival services has loud repitive music, very emotional. Very little expositional preaching from the Scriptures. Very little private, searching, fervent prayer. Corporate prayer that many times is "what can I get from God mentality."

I know God is touching some lives in these churches when they are having these revivals but sadly they are mostly tied in with Peter Wagner and the New Apostles Movement. Where there are designated apostles over geographical regions who supposedly know God much better then others in those areas and have been given this authority.

I feel the danger is the affliation and the doctrines posed by this new "group" more the earnestness of the individual.

I have watch the "bay of the holy spirit" many times and I have barely seen Jesus christ preached clearly, sin preached against, there are alot of phraseologies and repeated ideas given but really no biblical substance.

I would caution people against following these "moves" and focus on following Christ who died for a lost world going to an eternal hell. May God wet our eyes for this reality and deal with sin in our hearts so he can use us to lead people to this living Christ.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/12/4 15:44Profile

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