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 The Parable Of The Dissenting Duck

The Parable Of The Dissenting Duck
By Ed Price

Once upon a time there was a duck who was tired being part of the flock. "I'm sick of being around that noisy bunch," he complained to a vulture one day. "All they do is 'Quack', 'Quack', 'Quack'. They never say anything important."

The big vulture flapped its wings. "I couldn't agree more," he answered, his beady eyes gleaming.

"I'm tired of even being a duck."

"Then you want to be like me. The other vultures disgust me, too. All they do is hover and eat dead things. I'm much too sophisticated for that."

"What did you change?" the duck asked.

"My eating habits. Now I eat cheese. What do you eat?"

"Worms, grubs, and stuff."

"Yeeech!" the vulture said. "May I suggest some nice Roquefort instead?"

"Really?" the duck asked. "Cheese?"

"Oh, my, yes. You must try it." Then the vulture grinned as only a vulture can grin. " Let's take a little trip. I want to show you something."

The two birds took flight. A few minutes later, the vulture said, " That's a cheese factory down there."

"How do I get in?"

"Through the open window."

When the duck reached the window, he saw the vulture circling high in the air. "Aren't you coming," the duck called up.

"No," the vulture replied. "You go ahead and eat your fill. I'll wait for you up here."

So the duck flew through the open window. There were delicious mounds of cheese all over the place. The duck began stuffing himself.

"Say," he said to himself. "This is delicious. Much better than worms and grubs." So the duck ate and ate until he could barely stand. Finally he waddled over to the window. The vulture was still circling. "Funny," the duck thought. "Why is he hovering like that?" Suddenly the duck had a terrible pain in his stomach. He cried out, "Vulture. I'm sick!"

"What is that to me?" the vulture replied with an evil grin. "You pigged out on something that a duck had no business eating."

"But I'm not a duck!"

"Oh yes, you are," the vulture cackled. "You should have stayed with the flock where you belonged instead of falling for my line. I'm a predator, remember?"

"Quack, quack," the duck called desperately. But it was too late.

The big, ugly vulture swooped down through the open window. It was now only moments before he would enjoy a tasty feast... A hearty meal of cheese and quackers.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

Ed Price

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 Re: The Parable Of The Dissenting Duck


I was looking at old posts and found this one. It reminded me of the incident as recorded in 1Kings 13 - the prophet who lied to a younger man...he was believed and in doing so disobeyed God and was killed by a lion because of it.

Yes, some things just do not make a lot of sense. Common today and it happened back then - human nature has not changed any in the years since, has it?

Sandra Miller

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 Re: The Parable Of The Dissenting Duck

Cheese and quackers? That hurts to read, but point taken.

It has obviously stayed with you for you to remember it after so many years.

Good parable.

God bless.

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No, Enid, I did not remember this post. I was just scrolling through back pages on the General Topics forum and found this. I thought it was too good to leave it there, that it needed wider exposure. Most of the folks who posted back then no longer post. This is why some topics are brought up again and again - new people introducing them. But that is OK, one learns from others.

Actually, I thought the writer was funny and serious at the same time - a rare gift. You know I love have to if you are going to age gracefully! :-)

God bless...

Sandra Miller

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You know I love have to if you are going to age gracefully! :-)

God bless...


Ginnyrose my mom keeps telling me the same thing :)

I very much liked the parable and just wanted to say thanks for bring it back to the front of the forum.

God Bless

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