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 Re: AD

never been to Israel...."but know of some Christians who have been persecuted"....and "oh sure, the Christians can come problem. Tourist dollars".

It almost makes me laugh how transparent a statement like that is. right? don't wanna seperate a Jew from his money, do we?

i'm done with the words., if you have ANY interest, here's the wikipedia link, to christian antisemitism:

 2010/12/3 16:43

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Alberta, Canada


Neil, the thought never entered my head. Jews have no corner on the market when it comes to love of money.

...Anyway, Neil, I realize this is a sensitive issue, and I wish we could be looking one another in the eye instead of posting back and forth on an internet forum.

I think if you could do that you wouldn't be thinking about me the way you do.

Do you know that you and I are brothers?

Allan Halton

 2010/12/3 17:24Profile

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