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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Reasons for the failure of prophetic movements

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Blessings. :-)

Jimmy H

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Brumley Missouri


Dear Jimm,

Brother I feel your pain and understand where you are coming from. It is frustrating when you can not get good advice on subjects that are "mystic" in nature from the denominational churches. I thank God that the true church is not made of brick and mortar, but of flesh and bone, spirit and soul and ready to be en-slaved by Christ Jesus, to do the works of God through the Holy Spirit in US (meaning our bodies to do his will and bidding).

I have read and re-read your posting with a prayerful spirit. I have even taken your posting to the Lord in prayer. Here is what you said. I am only posting a portion for those whom are just now reading these excellent posting to the subject of the prophetic movement.

My argument also, let me reiterate, is not in defense of some public ministries which have failed, that's another thread altogether he we want to discuss that. My thrust is actually aimed at the younger ministries, many of which will never see the light of day. I am saying that as a church our support structures are not adequate. I have over the years ministered to many young people with prophetic gifts and all too often I can see that they are just doomed and will never get the help they need.

Every Christian offer character and holiness, not just the prophets. Remember we're talking of young prophets here not just the public ones. In my own experience I went to many, many pastors and men of God to get advice for the prophetic but the overwhelming response was one of, "you know you may not actually have a calling at all, just a gift operating".

These days I'm experiencing the other extreme of having people literally stalking me. (Iam taking this as young Prophets wanting instruction).

Apparently as young man I didn't quite look like a prophet so everyone dismissed me, also my gifting wasn't strong enough at the time to prove that God was speaking to me. It is in light of this that I feel the church is not prepared as a whole for prophetic movements. Now the other extreme is even worse, once the gift in a young prophet's life takes off there is so much hype and it's hard for young christian to handle that without falling into error. Suddenly everyone becomes a "yes man". Selah.

I have to admit I had a hard time digesting these few paragraphs. It wasn't until I took this to the Lord in prayer that I fully understood what you are actually saying. I believe that you are teaching young prophets, in their gifting from God. And how to use there gifts in the ministry according to the word of God and in the light of the Holy Spirit.

For such a time as this, you are called as a Prophet of God to teach and train up other Prophets and prophetesses of God and prepare the Church for the prophetic ministry?

Is this right?

If so, the Lord has shown me in his word, that which you probably already know, but I feel needs to be shared here. I would like to draw your attention to 2Peter. Read the whole book, I think it is two or three pages long. I read it four times last night.

The Lord shown me through his word, (look at 2peter 1:3-21).
If a prophet or any Christian with a calling to serve, doesn’t have these qualities (meaning from verse 3-9), they are not ready to minister. They aren’t equipped for service to or for the body of Christ or any brick and mortar church.

You have said so yourself in your first thread. These young Prophets are not ready and may never be ready. But they could be made ready if they abandon themselves and live through Christ.

Here is my thoughts. If they are arrogant and do not posses Christ like qualities according to the word
2Pet. 1-21, they personally should seek out the Lord to change their heart and not minister until they have been changed.

This is achieved by being taught in the Spirit and not by men. It is the only way, we can not change ourselves unless instructed, convicted and apprehended through the Holy Spirit.

Would you agree?

Now I believe just as there are seminaries there should be a school for prophets. And there should be more teaching and lectures on modern day prophets and there roll in the church today. How to handle there gifting ect.

The church shy’s away from these types of ministries because of a lack of knowledge of modern prophets and how the bible prophecies of false prophets leading Christians away from the faith.

It is easier to stay away from self proclaimed or called prophets all together, than to be led down the wrong path.

Although this may-be true for the most of the church, I believe in the word and continually put the word of God into my heart, I would hope that when the time of testing comes that the Spirit that lives in me would be able to tell the difference between true and false doctrines and false ministers & ministries.

Please don’t take this posting the wrong way. I will always welcome a Prophet until they prove other wise. I agree with most of the points that you published.
Yours in Christ Jesus,
P.S. I get David Wilkersons newsletter and this months letter was dynamic! and it follows along with what 2Peter 1:3-9. It is titled Handcuffed to Jesus. Here is the link:

William Cato

 2010/12/4 20:05Profile

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 Re: Glory to God!


God the Father is incredible! You prayed to him through His Son and you understood me by His Spirit. Praise Him forever! I prayerfully read 2Peter and I was amazed how it was addressing the very thing we are talking about. I was listening to a sermon from Bob Gladstone last night about the word of righteousness and he said something that struck me. "You know you are walking in the deep of God when you come out of prayer and you have a specific relevant word from scripture. Jesus did not quote random scripture but as He was always in the spirit He knew exactly which scripture was relevant". Needless to say I am impressed by Christ in you.

I have a prophetic ministry and and teaching ministry. I mostly travel to high schools to teach and sometimes impart from the Lord. This ministry I do free of charge. I am very interested coming of our Lord and as you rightly discerned in prayer, I have grace in ministering to young prophets. It is because of His great undeserved love that I have prayed for a number of people and they have instantly received gifts from the Holy Spirit.

Quite often they receive gifts which I myself do not use. I have learnt that I cannot control what gifts people receive from Him but usually I have grace with people who have an aspect of prophetic gifting whether they are apostles, pastors, teachers or evangelists. Often I don't even lay hands. The Lord may give a word of knowledge of how a gift is going to operate in someone and sometimes instantly and at other times after some days miraculous things start to happen by God's grace.

2Peter from start to finish is full of practical immediate council. It states clearly that 2peter2:1 that they will even deny the Lord who bought them. It is very sad for me that these people are Christians knowing that our Lord would leave the 99 to find His lost sheep.

Why I did not want to make this about older public ministries is that I believe there is a certain point of no return (1 John 5:16). John calls it sin unto death which we should not pray for.

I think if there are to be prophetic schools in these modern days, the main emphasis should be in character training. Strong food belongs to those that are mature, who by reason of use have their senses trained to discern both good and evil.

Second Peter begins with a structure of character traits important for the young prophet to learn and to be trained in. Thank you Sonsigns for that post.


James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

 2010/12/5 1:29Profile

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