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 Football palyer penalized

High School football player gets penalized for giving God the Glory at the end of a touchdown.

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 Re: Football palyer penalized

I like how the player doesn't say one negative thing about the call :)

Matthew Guldner

 2010/12/2 13:03Profile

Joined: 2009/12/8
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Yes, I was so impressed with that too. He didnt defend himself or attack. He continued to give glory to God in his answers and will continue so that God be glorified and no one can accuse him of anything. This is Jesus' way.

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Praise Him !

 2010/12/5 0:20


Football is near and dear to my heart... and this is good stuff right here. Sports (especially football) can be a great way to build character in young men (and in the right atmosphere, spirituality)... but it can also be a stumbling block (pride of life).

In an age where touchdown dances, slamming the ball on the ground, coaches throwing temper tantrums, legal scandels and players running their mouths to the media is mainly what we see... this young man is a breath of fresh air.

He is on my prayer list!

 2010/12/5 6:18

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