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 Fed Finally Comes Clean

Probably because Julian Assange is threatening to release bank data.

We bailed out Europe!

New documents show that the most loan and other aid for U.S. institutions over time went to Citigroup ($2.2 trillion), followed by Merrill Lynch ($2.1 trillion), Morgan Stanley ($2 trillion), Bear Stearns ($960 billion), Bank of America ($887 billion), Goldman Sachs ($615 billion), JPMorgan Chase ($178 billion) and Wells Fargo ($154 billion).

The whole system is sick and diseased. If you really want to learn something, read some of the comments.

 2010/12/2 9:17

Joined: 2006/6/28
Posts: 3405
Dallas, Texas

 Re: Fed Finally Comes Clean

If you really want to learn something, read some of the comments.

No thanks. I really can't understand the purpose for a discussion like this. Does it help one's spirituality? Does it bring one closer to the Lord, or foster a deeper understanding of what it means to "grow in grace"? I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, so to speak, but I am weary of seeing the world's garbage so often permeating these forum walls. This place is supposed to be sanctified for the Lord, and things concerning Him, for our edification. Our conversations should be predicated on lovely things, and on things of good repute that lift our spirits to God in adoration and thanksgiving.

Regarding your point here:

The whole system is sick and diseased.

Dear brother, we know this already from 1 John 5:19. Can't we just move on now? Our hearts should be so filled with God's love and awe that we should have myriads of glory-giving aspects to discuss instead of scraping the bottom of the world's garbage can for topics.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding for this rant. I am not upset, nor am I singling you out; I'm simply growing weary of the sparcity of spiritual things being discussed here. God bless.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2010/12/2 9:55Profile


Thank you for your consideration and understanding for this rant. I am not upset, nor am I singling you out; I'm simply growing weary of the sparsity of spiritual things being discussed here. God bless.

I agree brother West. The whole time that I read your post, I was thinking of the posts that brother Greg drops into the forums about whats going on in the world, and I feel the same way as you, whats the purpose and really, who cares?

It's his site, but I was surprised to read that from you, it was if you were saying it to Greg too.

 2010/12/2 10:21


Oh, my mistake.

News and Current Events are supposed to be

Spiritual News and Current Events.

I did not know that.

I am glad everyone knows the system is sick. I did not know that either.

I was trying to underscore that the economy is sicker than people know and don't believe the lies from the media or get sucked into any debt.

Now, that I have been set straight that this is only for Spiritual News and Events, I will happily comply.

Thank you for the correction and sorry to make you weary.

 2010/12/2 12:29

Joined: 2010/3/2
Posts: 253


yeah Pilgrim, some folk on SI must have investments in these things... can't rock the boat.

But I think your post is right on as we are to be pointed towards God's economy. That's the only Hope that will last.

 2010/12/2 12:37Profile



I see what Paul means.

A quick preview shows this.
Fed Finally Comes Clean
More than 8 million drop out of credit card use
Pastor to church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook
China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar
Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete
Koreas on 'brink of war' because of Seoul
North Korea Fires on South Korean Island
I apologize for the Fred Phelps you tube rant on Bill Reilly
Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?
Bill O Reilly: Satan's Spin Doctor
New Jersey Pastor: Thou Shalt Not Use Facebook
Officials find 2,000 fetuses at Bangkok temple
The Horrible Truth Starts to Dawn on Euorpe's Leaders
Wholesale food prices soar as commodity costs rise

I guess I was just the lucky lottery winner to receive the correction.

All I can say, is that you guys are in charge of SI and you should maybe think of changing the name from

News and Current Events


Spiritual News and Current Events.

It's your living room and your right to control the conversation. We are just visiting your house.

 2010/12/2 12:50


Praise the Lord.

 2010/12/2 14:40


Snuf and Kniteall,

You are right. I did not realize it until I started looking through News and Current Event threads.

I don't hang out in News and Current Events, so when Paul got on me about this, I thought I was the only one. The last two hours, I got real acquainted with what has been posted in this section.

My whole point in this very relevant news is that the system is much more broke than people think and they should plan accordingly (in practical ways). Of course, we all need to be drawing closer to the Lord in faith.

Many people have lost a lot of money including Christians "investing" in the stock market.

This sort of news can indeed cause some people to make positive changes in one's life. (Stop investing in the stock market).

Greg seems to think so to, since he posts a lot of aricles regarding worldly financial news. And so do others.

So, I feel better now that Greg does it. I thought I was a real bad guy there for a minute.

 2010/12/2 15:38

Joined: 2006/6/28
Posts: 3405
Dallas, Texas


The "News and Current Events" section should be used discriminately, and not simply as a tattle tale portal for what the devil is doing in the world. I realise that Greg uses it to post financial news every now and then, but that does not make it a free-for-all for everyone to bring irrelevent stock market gossip and other shock news into these walls. Would you talk about the stock market with Christ? Can't we come to the mindset that this is a special place, a place to be built-up and edified in Christ, a place to grow and glean and enjoy meaningful fellowship with other believers in the beauty of holiness?

I realise some Christians invest in the market. I have a Roth IRA myself; but I leave it all at the door when I come in here. I come here not to get the latest dig on the evils of the world, but to fellowship with likeminded brothers and sisters.

But if you would rather talk finances and bank seizures and federal corruption and whatever else, have at it. I'm pretty tired of it though, and I think some others are too. A challenge for us all I think would be to try to lay off the "Current Event" section and instead try to post more in the "Devotion" section. This section is so terribly neglected, it would be delightful to see it enjoy the same fervor and enthusiam as some of these vain threads on current events generate. Pray about this, and see where the Holy Spirit would lead you.

Paul Frederick West

 2010/12/2 16:33Profile


Hi Paul,

Everyone has heard you and I my guess is that your statement will have quite an effect on this section of SI.

I don't think anyone wants to offend you.

P.S. Yes, I have spoken with the Lord about the stock market.

 2010/12/2 16:46

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