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 witnessing to the unchurched

Most of my family and friends have no knowledge of the bible. I feel lost in how to witness to them. I have been praying to God to soften there hearts.

Any advise would be appreciated.

 2010/12/1 20:47

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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched

The best way to witness to close family and friends is to just tell them what you know about the Lord, and share the gospel with them when the Lord opens up opportunity to speak into their lives. Stick to sharing what you know, pray, and trust in the Lord to move on their behalf.

Jimmy H

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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched

Andie, I would highly recommend the audio entitled "Hell's Best Kept Secret" by Ray Comfort. Here is the link:

And here is the link to Ray's ministry website:


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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched

Hi Andie,

I was brought to the Lord by the gift of hospitality. Seriously. Not one scripture was spoken to me. I knew nothing about the Gospel. But I saw it in people's lives.

It was very powerful. I truly saw the Lord in people and wanted to be like them. (wanted the peace and joy and happiness they had). The Lord used it to turn me to Him because I saw a reality that I had never seen anywhere before. I saw in people's lives the reality of Jesus Christ.

The best way you can prepare yourself to be an able minister of the Lord is to radiate Jesus Christ. That means overflowing with love, real love for people. You know that you cannot do this on your own. It is being "in Him", that will cause you to radiate Christ.

2Co 3:2 Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:

More is caught than taught is a well known saying. We may not all be eloquent, or memorize verses, or whatever, but we are all able to abide in the Lord, and love people. And that speaks so much louder than words. Of course words are good and you need to be able to give an answer to every man for the hope that is in you. But if fruit in one's life is missing, words don't mean too much. The character of a man is more important than what he says.

But, if you know Jesus and are close to Him, it is so much better than talking about Him as if He is just someone you studied. If you content yourself with getting close to the Lord, loving His Word and loving people you will see a lot of wonderful things start to happen in your life and the lives around you.

2Co 3:3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

People are always observing your life and your words and your expressions and your acts (works). I know, because I was and I still do.

A word of encouragement, a kindness, a soft answer to turn away wrath, some laughter and a hug are things that make people feel accepted and loved and show them that you love them for who they are. That is how our God is to us when we are sinners. Think of that. He is loving us to Himself.

You really cannot do anything to get anyone saved.

2Co 3:5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;

And what speaks louder than anything to people is divine fruit in one's life. Especially with your family. They know who you were. So, when they see someone else (Jesus Christ) and it's not Andie, they will just be left exclaiming, "I can't believe that is Andie".

And here is something to take the weight of "results" off of your back. Jesus does not ask us to produce results, He only asks us to be faithful.

Yes, keep your burden of them in prayer, but we are not responsible for results dear brother. We are only asked to be faithful.

Be a loving friend, brother, and son and leave the results to the Lord. You know the love that God has for these people, right? So, love them with that love. Be God's hands and feet on earth and love those people. You are not compromising a thing by not spitting out bible verses left and right. The Lord will create just the right moment for you to speak. It is wonderful to rest in HIM and have confidence in Him. Living life is much easier when you are not striving.

You and Jesus together can create an enironment of love and when you do, the Holy Spirit is able to work much more effectively.

God bless you richly, Pilgrim.

 2010/12/1 22:33

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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched


Labor to tell them what the Bible says about God. Who He is. What are His attributes and what do they begin to mean. Then contrast it with the falleness of man. Use God's law to show how far all of us have fallen short of the glory of God. To show that sin is exceedingly sinful. The great riddle of the Bible is how can God be just and the justifier of the wicked. Then tell them of Christ and how he drank down the wrath of God in our place. How He bore our sins in His body on the tree and then rose again.

To make it more personal use your own testimony. Tell them how you used to be an enemy of God, demonstrated by your sin against Him, and tell them how He has reconciled you to Himself through Christ and made you a new creature. How Christ died for us while we were yet His enemies. Tell them how God cast out hearts of stone and gives people living hearts of holiness. That salvation is not raising a hand or saying a prayer, but a mighty supernatural work of God! Do not be afraid to use the Word of God. It is your sword. It does take true love to tell the truth. They will know if your testimony lines up with your life. This is a war. Do it even if you are hated because of Christ. He is Worthy!! Be gentle, be bold and may they know that the fragrance of Christ is upon you. Do not say peace peace when there is no peace. Pray, Pray, Pray for the Spirit to come down!!! May dead bones come to life!!


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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched

Andie, keep praying for them every day. A door may or may not open for you to speak to them. Or someone else may speak to them. But just don't stop praying for your loved ones until you get an answer from God that all is well.

Years ago, I prayed for my Aunt. She was a hard woman to reach. She hated me with a passion, yet I loved her and did good to her, even to this day. But I had such a desire to see her saved. So I prayed earnestly for her to be saved. One day I heard the voice of God say that, "I have heard your prayer concerning your Aunt, I will cause her to return to me and I will save her". My prayer was heard, it was answered and I believe the promise that God had made to me. Once you hear from God and He answers your prayer, you no longer have to pray for their salvation, but rather you wait and see what God does. It's encouraging to hear God speak, and it encourages you to move on to another family member or friend to pray for.

 2010/12/1 23:18


Yeah, there is no canned way to reach people. You don't use the same thing on everyone.

Look at the ministry of Jesus. From Zacchaeus to Mary Magdalene to the Woman of Samaria at the well. There was no condemnation or ridicule of past sins.

You see kindness and love and acceptance and the right word at the right time.

Walk in the Spirit and listen to the Lord and He will show you what to say and what to do, regarding each individual.

Wanting to see people saved causes you to get close to the Lord. When you are not close to the Lord, you are just flailing in the flesh and doing more harm than good.

 2010/12/1 23:26

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Jars of clay must become crack-pots.

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 Re: witnessing to the unchurched


The Lord knows what it will take for each of your family members to come to Him, just pray and be yourself around them. You may only plant the seed but another will water and yet another to win them.

Don't think this family journey tackled in a year or two!! It took me 12 years to win my favorite cousin. Praise his holy name. Now, she and I are closer than my real sister is to me.

Pilgram had a great post. Living it has far more implications than talking, in my book. Years ago, I was horrible to my step mother being a teenager but then I got saved, she never said anything tO me but my dad told me later that she told all her catholic friends that I got saved but what got their attention was my changed behavior. They started asking her what church I went to; she was like "I know it's not catholic but it's changed her!". Only Jesus Christ could do that! Praise his holy name!!!

God bless you and the family you love,


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This sermon by Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York spoke greatly to my heart re: my family and how to pray and be a witness. It is a powerful message.

We may have it here on SI as well but I found it on World Challenge

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