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 How we need the River!

How we desperately need the River of the life of God in this dry and thirsty land. Lord we cry out to you " Lord forgive our adultery, how is it possible that the things of this world blinded us to your transplendant glory. Oh Lord cover our inquities I pray. We looked to left and we wandered from you my King, and the further we wandered from you the darker it has become. Oh Lord where is this place in which we dwell, its so dark, we cannot see the road ahead. Lord, we look around and all is filth, how could any child of yours wander so far and fall so low. We are surrounded by mud and muck in the pig sty of life. Oh Lord, may we arise and look towards your house. May we look around and know the state in which we dwell. Let the scales fall from our eyes that we may know of our desperate need to be cleansed in the waters of life. Let us find our way back to the rivers of Living water. Let everything that is in us cry out to you, that you would send the cleansing rain of your grace and mercy upon your people one more time. Oh Lord forgive us, forgive us Lord. JESUS, JESUS,JESUS, hear our cry.........the church.

 2010/12/1 10:07

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