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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : Christian woman faces death for blasphemy

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I don't think Islam teaches Muslims to lie. If their followers lie, its because of their ownselves.

In the bible, you will find Christians lieing. Abraham lied twice, Jacob pretented to be Esau, Rahab lied and others also but God did not ask them to lie.

We wouldn't like it if others were to then say that the Christian God asked His followers to lie, would we. They would have a greater 'proof' to substantiate their claims, after all these people were God's chosen people and you don't find God rebuking Abraham, Rahab etc for their lies. In fact, God protected Abraham and so on.

Just as a Muslim friend can turn against you, so can a Christian turn against their own kind. Pick up Andrew's God's Smuggler book, you will find a pastor there that underwent torture (his fingernails were pulled away from his hands) and still served the church. He did help Brother Andrew some (not fully because of the terrible suffering he went through), but later he did provide some info. to the government. God told Brother Andrew to tell him that he forgive this brother.

(a bit off topic: Most of us have not undergone the kind of suffering that these people did. If we were to go through it, I wouldn't be surprise if most of us end up faring worse than what these people did. )

No, we shouldn't sweep a lie under the carpet nor be stepping over one another in 'congratulating' a person for admitting that he lied. Just forgive and move on.


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Compassion is in a Christ-like
attitude and response. I pray
for this woman, for GOD is just,
and Jesus will be her Advocate!!
If she had been more Christ-like,
maybe she would have avoided jail
and a sentence of death!! As
believers, we need to examine our
actions, are they in the Spirit
of the LORD or not??

Martin G. Smith

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You have not shown compassion the way Jesus did. Rather you are acting pretty legalistic.

Maybe she would have avoided jail/death sentence if her words were better (and we don't even know the true story although you seemed determined to believe that she said those words), so what. If we were to be dealt with every time we were less than Christ-like, we pretty much would be living very miserable lives. Why don't you deal with everyone of us everytime we write badly in this forum. You will be extremely busy.

God is extremely gracious and he gives us many chances to grow into His image. We don't grow into His image immediately and there are times we falter badly. God does chastise us but he knows when to use compassion and when to use harsher method. Matthew 12:20 (A bruised reed he does not break).

We all must examine our actions, whether we are in the Spirit or not, but it doesn't mean that every time we make a mistake, that is--the punishment has to be harsh/meet the crime or remarks like yours are made. As I said earlier, we would be extemely miserable if God is as harsh as you. Look to your own life, and see how gracious God has been.

I don't think there's anywhere in the bible where Jesus treated a suffering Christian and/or his family the way you are treating her.

Prayer is good. But your heart is not right.


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I believe many lies are told in these kind of cases. I would not trust what has been reported.

Jesus has said he will seperate the sheep from the goats. We must pray and give practical help to our brothers and sisters currently being prosecuted for the faith. I am lecturing myself more than anyone else.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink
I was a stranger and you invited me in
I was naked and you clothed me
I was sick and you visited me
I was in prison and you came to me

 2010/11/30 18:17

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If she had been more Christ-like, maybe she would have avoided jail and a sentence of death!! As believers, we need to examine our actions, are they in the Spirit of the LORD or not??

Not trying to point you out here Sojourner, but I do not think that "trying to avoid going to jail" is her intent here. Otherwise she probably would have said nothing. Perhaps she really felt the Spirit of God pressing on her to open her mouth? Perhaps someone will get saved at the risk of her going to jail!! Wouldn't that be a Praise the Lord? :)

Perhaps she could have done things "differently" but NONE of us will be perfect until we see Christ. I am sure she learned out of the experience.


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We prayed for her at the AFG prayer meeting last night. There were many tears with this prayer for this young mother. They did not say what she did or said, just that she was one of us, a believer in Christ. Please continue to pray for her. They asked us to also pray for the law so that others will not so easily be accused. If she is found guilty she will die and if she is let go they will kill her anyway.

But all things are possible with God.

The young man sharing could hardly speak. He was choked up. He was told there was the daughter crying and holding on to her mother and a man who was also crying. But he was crying because he was happy to see the law being fulfilled. Let's pray for both. This man needs his eyes opened to the love of Jesus and His tears turned to the joy of the Lord and compassion. Be glorified here Lord Jesus.

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