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 Ask God For A Stronger Hope W. Gurnall

Love has a secret yet powerful influence on hope. Moses befriended the Israelite when he killed the Egyptian who had fought with him. And love kills slavish fear-one of the worst enemies hope has-and thereby strengthens hope's hand. Whoever pulls up the weeds helps the corn to grow. It is fear that oppresses the Christian's spirit so that he cannot act or hope strongly. "Perfect love casteth out fear"
(1 John 4:18). The freewoman will cast out the bondwoman. Fear is one of Hagar's breed- an affection that keeps everyone in bondage who partakes of it.

Love cannot tolerate fear. The loving souls, "Can I fear that the One who loves me most will ever hurt me? Fear and doubt, away with you! There is no room for you in my heart." Charity "thinketh no evil" (1 Corinthians 13:5)

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 Re: Ask God For A Stronger Hope W. Gurnall

Once again, thank you for posting these!



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