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 My testimony

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

I first heard the gospel at summer camp. I was about 10 years old, and went forward one night when they called for those who wanted "to accept Jesus into their heart". They made me say a little prayer and sent me on my way.

When I got home I announced to my family that I was a Christian. My family is secular and they thought it was quite amusing.

I read the gospels for a while but soon fell away from my childish faith.

Over the next couple of decades I would periodically feel drawn back to reading the bible, and go through stages of obssessively trying to decide if it was true or not. I despretely wanted to believe but I alway's came to the conclusion "it may be true, but I can't know until I die".

There were a couple of times when I believed for a while and even prayed to God to be saved, but I never got to the stage of confessing my faith or finding fellowship with other believers, and I always fell away.

Another challenge to me was the God of the old testament and the doctrine of hell. I thought Jesus was amazing, but his Dad seemed a bit of a tyrant. I remember last year after attempting again to read the old testament, I declared to God. "I reject you, if you would eternally punish my family and friends who don't believe I would rather be with them than follow a God like you".

I eventually started reading Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and Co and started to feel scornful of believers.

Anyway to bring us up to the present, about 6 months ago, my muslim friend started talking about God and it rekindled the desire to delve once again into the question of God's exsistance (the angels were no doubt rolling their eyes at this stage...not her again!)

This time something happened. I became fascinated with the book of genesis, and started to see the story of Jesus was infused thoughout it. I read the palms and the prophets and it was the same.

Another thing I discovered was the Hebrew origins of our faith and how the orginal tankh scrolls, laws and holy days reveal the story of salvation also. I really feel we can learn a lot from our messanic jewish brothers and sisters in Christ Yeshua about the old testament.

I believe that the bible is true, but I also believe the evidence favours evolution which I don't find a contradiction. I love to read new scientist magazine to learn more about the amazing creation of God.

I don't believe in "hell" in the traditional sense. I believe death and hades are thrown into the fire and annililation is the result for unbelievers.

I believe in the unity of the The father(YHVH), the son Jesus (the Word(torah) made flesh), and the holy spirit.

I believe we are saved by faith through the blood of Jesus Christ when we repent and believe.

I believe that belief is precedated and followed by obedience.

I believe we must be born again. We must follow Jesus to the cross and die to the flesh. All that we think we are, all that we think we achieve,all of our good deeds which we start to feel pious about must be given back to God for his glory. We need to give up self esteem and get some God esteem.

I believe that as we die to the flesh God will fill us with his holy spirit.

I believe that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.

Andie xx

 2010/11/27 20:08

Joined: 2009/12/4
Posts: 1860

 Re: My testimony

Welcome Sister!

I enjoyed reading your testimony, God is awesome and at work in mysterious ways. Funny how He works eh?

I found the same truth and I made me want to read the bible more and more that from Page one to the very ends its all about Christ Jesus and the beautiful Love Story, of Our Loving Lord and Saviour and us being reunited through the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. :)

Matthew Guldner

 2010/11/28 1:38Profile

Joined: 2010/5/9
Posts: 164


Your testimony is great and I'm glad to see that you believe. Now here's a tidbit for ya.

We who believe in Christ Jesus have something else to stumble into. We serve the Living God. We do not believe just because someone else said something. We believe because He drew us into Jesus. Along with this active God directing us to Jesus, you will one day find His voice also.

We read this: "Without Holiness noone will see the Lord". How will we become Holy? That's what Jesus offers us who believe. We become Holy by following the present day and active Living God in our lives. As we love Him He proves a reality beyond creation. I hope this makes sense. But I trust Him; He will not leave us as orphans.

Paul Horton

 2010/11/28 12:18Profile

Joined: 2009/1/21
Posts: 1596
Locport, Illinois

 Re: My testimony

Hey welcome to sermonindex and God bless you. You have a great testimony and I hope you enjoy this site, it has become my home for online ministry. We are here for you.

John Beechy

 2010/11/28 16:03Profile


Thanks guys,

Buttermilk80, I hope that God does become a reality beyond creation to me. I am weak, but I pray that I am good soil and grow in faith and obedience. I have found a church nearby and am going for the first time next wk :)

This is a great forum and site, I have actually been here in a past life as an agnostic, but I couldn't remember my log in name!

 2010/11/29 23:04

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