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I believe the angle giving the message in this scripture gives a very clear time line identifier. Think about it many will go to and fro or here and there . Has there ever been a time where many go to and fro more than now. You can travel any where on the planet in less than 24 hours by plane. Not to mention cars , buses , trains , ships and what ever other forms of transportation they have . As to increasing knowlage, has there ever been a time where knowlage is increasing so rapidly? In this age of the inter net. Just google it. I herd that before the inter net human knowlage doubled every 7 years and after the introduction of the intern net it jumped to every 2 years. One thing is for sure that the events of today are very much like the times described in both Daniel and Revelation. Jesus said it would be good for ( us) His servants to be doing what He instructed when He returns!

Daniel 12:4
4 But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge. ”

 2010/11/29 10:15

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 Re: Considering the alternative...

dmoney, very good. I have been watching this story un-fold on the news.

Is America next?

Listen, if Ireland takes the bail out, there country would probably become salves to the E.U. Has anyone thought of that?

America, has barrowed from China, which means we have to pay it back. How? Taxes will have to be raised? actually this is beyond me.

What I do know is that America, needs to return to God!
At this time America is falling into the belly of that great harlot.

through the Holy Spirit I was shown the beggining of this great beast, known today as the E.U. It is in the story of the tower of Babel located in Genesis. When you find the story go back a chapter because you will find the king of Babel.

Ok, enough of that for now. I am actually writting a sermon on this. I will probably leave it in pdf format was it is done and polished. Once finished it will be advailable on my website.

Now I don't know about you, but I believe that the Church will be raptured before the Earth goes through the tribulation. I might be wrong along with so many others.

Never the less, let us remember Rev. chapter 12 verse 11.

"...and they overcame him through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, and they loved not there lives unto death". This verse is so powerful.

It really doesn't matter if the Church goes through the tribulation or is raptured (taken away, which I believe will happen). We (true Christians) will stand on his word and promises and continue doing the works of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

if you would like to check out my website look in my profile. Thank you:)

William Cato

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Praise God forever!!! Hi brother I believe you are right on with the tower of Bable in-fact the EU parliament building was built after a 1500's painting of the tower of Bable. The EU put out a poster that even had a picture of the tower of Bable with the 12 stars that surrounded it signifying the 12 stars on the EU flag. Now get this it said many tongs one voice??? :) Thank God for the Holy Spirit!!! Brother I do disagree about the rapture. I believe it will happen when Christ comes at the end of trib. However Rev. 12:11 is the right view. God bless you brother!!!!:)

 2010/11/29 17:15

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