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 The Joyful Shame

He sat to eat his bread, a daily ration given by merciful masters. He sat to eat his fill, one of three daily gorgings. Each remembering His God as he pondered the joy of his tongue. One thought of service to his God as he ate what would surely not fill his body. The other thought of his service to his God as he ate what would surely be too much.

God sees us all. He knows our state of affairs. Such things as above do exist. We would be fools to ignore that truth. But what shall be said of such things? I will offer this thought as food for the soul. We who serve the Living God await His teaching. Each serves as he knows best. And if that service is not enough for the expectations of some, then great is the loss to both.

The Lord taught me this saying as I learned about grief and suffering:

"When you are done doing what you do, you will have done your best. If you could have done better, it would have been done".

To our joy, we realize we are accepted by Him where we are. And this prompts us to consider how we might serve Him better. To our shame, we realize that we are but fools who have been led into error by the very world in which we found birth.

May God bless our minds and hearts that we will refrain from judgment of each other. For it is said, "Who are you to judge another's servant? To his own master he will stand or fall. He will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand".

Paul Horton

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 Re: The Joyful Shame

Just remember Jesus was willing
to bear the cross, to suffer the
shame for the joy set before HIM
of knowing HE accomplished the
Father's plan and purpose. It
was our shame and sin HE took to
Calvary; and HE did it so we could
receive mercy!!

Martin G. Smith

 2010/11/22 12:08Profile

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