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 There we go...

Remember how they were making fun of us when Christians argued that legalizing gay marriage would open up the way to legalizing polygamy next? Well, they're not losing any time :

It's a long article but the further down you read, the more your hair will stand on end. Hope it's ok to post this? If not, just delete it. Thanks.

 2010/11/21 15:47Profile

 Just do as you will.....There is no sin.

I think that all of this "political correctness" is actually the spirit of immorality eating away at ALL social mores. The God of the Bible,and the Ten commandments, in which our justice system is based is a book of absolutes, that defines sin and moral behavior.

Here in America, we have ordained the right to murder our unwanted children, thought the legalization of Abortion...[ Only 50 million...don't worry..]

Secular humanism defines morality in a permissive light that descends into an ever increasing entitlement to "do as you will". [ This is the central command of the Satanic Bible, by the way...] One of the primary reasons that Joseph Smith [ the founder of Mormonism ]was executed in Nauvoo Il. was the outrage of families that had their young daughters kidnapped,or seduced into the cult, [12-16 year old girls] to become slave/concubines for life.

In order to fulfill the doctrine of polygamy inherit in their pagan religion, in which each male could possess multiple slave wives, this behavior became necessary, as it does today.

There is a massive female slave trade in Islam out of Africa today, in order to fulfill the rights of young Muslims who can afford them.

There are "Sharia" protected zones, in "Christian" Europe, where the country host must honor Islamic law. America is under constant pressure to bend to Islam, as is Canada. This should wake us up...but I doubt if it will. Liberalism has compromised Christian leadership, and if the salt has lost it's savor...well it's thrown on the dung heap.

We are in the last days, and I believe that God will send a fiery revival of repentance and simple love for Jesus, before the end comes. It is our only hope, and we must teach our children so, as anti-Christ is growing in power.

 2010/11/21 16:30

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