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 Six Days of creation

I would like some opinions on the six day creation. I have heard just about every thing about six days as literal days and those who say they are time periods. The most recent opinion was a few days ago when a couple of guys on TV said that is now understood that the 6 day creation was actually periods of time and not literal. The support they furnished for their idea was that on those six days, God indicated that there was a beginning and an end, but when God entered His rest on the 7th day, there was no end mentioned in the Genesis account. Their perspective was that we are still living in the 7th day.....

Sounds erroneous to me. Ideas are good, but only as good as the support that is provided.

Thanks all, I need to go mow my lawn for the last time. I'll be back.

Marti, the Rockpile Farmer. (organic, mind you)

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 Re: Six Days of creation

Here are some excellent sermons on why believing in a six day creation is essential. Before the 1800's everyone believed in a literal six day account, then the world told us what we were supposed to believe, and scriptural validity was compromised as a result.

I happen to agree with the strong reasoning behind what Ken Ham is saying here.

There is also a great documentary you can rent where I.C.R. and many others have put together sound reasoning to put the lie to millions of years called "Dragons or Dinosaurs."

You can watch a trailer for it right here.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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My favorite creationism website is

They have several thousand scientific articles from geology to astronomy, from anthropology to genetics.

Regardless whether or not you agree with the Young Earth position, these articles are worth looking through.


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 Re: wow

thanks for the responses. I really think the OT is overlooked by the modern church. I have decided to study (as opposed to just read) the OT what few days I have left. Stand by for more questions....blessings.

Marti, the Rock Pile Farmer

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 Re: Six Days of creation

Hi,It is important I think to note that if we dont take six day creation literally it leads down the road of the creation being millions or billions of years old.
1.One of the reasons God listed how long creation took is because he knew in the future that people would say creation was millions or billions year old for their own purpose.
2.You cannot have evolution and Jesus Christ either one is wrong and the other right.
3.Evolutionists say that for evolution to happen their has to be a cycle of life,death,life,death,life over millions of years.The word says that sin and death came into this world through adam.If death was in the world before adam then their is no need of a redeemer Jesus.
4.Their is no sound evidence that the earth is old and there are some websites you can look at for this.
I look at evolution as the atheists religion.
Hope you got the lawn mowed,staff

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