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the church then is made up with other jerks like myself who screw up all the time and sometimes dont show the love of Jesus to those around us or hospitality to those we have never met or even mercy to a pastor who says something totally off of the wall...


Now if we are honest we would all have to agree we act like jerks sometimes and wonder why on earth God would love us?!


Sandra Miller

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none in my area and I live in a big city.

 2010/11/24 2:32

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hi, i talk about how great the churches are where i live a lot but the other side of that story is that i was raised in a large city on the east coast of usa and never met a professing christian in that city in the first 24 years of my life let alone knew of any churches that preached the gospel.i then moved to new orleans and got a job next to the baptist seminary there and heard the word just about every day from then on and now i am in my 70s and understand why others wonder if i am telling the truth about how great my church is and how great others are in this area.jimp Jesus still is the only way,the only truth and the only life.i thank Him for seeking and saving me.

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 Re: pastor clendennon...

Thanks for mentioning pastor clendennen. I listened to some of his teaching at their website...what a man of God - and a man of the cross he was!

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I have a friend that belongs to a Episcopal church that seems formal and rigid to me but they have an outreach in Peru that has some amazing reports of people being converted and divine healing

The story on the priest is that back during the shining path guerrilla days this man was a special forces officer whose job it was to hunt down those guys and kill them. During this time his mother was stricken with a non curable cancer but while on her deathbed a local christian prayed and laid hands on her and poof she was healed as if she had never been sick.

That caused her son to throw off his uniform and pick up a Bible to go tell the story of Jesus to the peasants with many signs and wonders following. One of the pictures I saw of him was him with his hand a young child's head and you can see the light glowing through the young girls head as well as through his hand.

This "priest" has no church but they provided him with a vehicle so that he could get around the countryside and help distribute food and building materials for houses while preaching the gospel and healing the sick. The one thing that the home church here in Charlotte did was through some locals in Peru translate the entire Bible into the local dialect used by the ingenious indians and now the guy gives Bibles out wherever he goes in a language the locals can understand........ The story I heard was that these indians had thought that God and Jesus were just "white man gods" and when they can hear in their language that "our" God is their God and loves them as poor and destitute as they are they are just blown away with the good news of the gospel.

Really a good and heart warming story and IMO should be quite humbling to most churches who have all that they do while this guy is running around in a pickup truck doing the Lords work.

To bad Peru is so far away


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We attend a unique church in that Jesus is the focus of everything. Doctrine is paramount. The Bible is our final authority... and our pastor is a living example of "passion". (People have been known to leave our church because they can not handle the truth in their ears)

I've never seen a church before where the MEN are very involved in the ministry of the church as much as the women.

The church is called Calvary Fellowship in Mills River, NC.

There are sermons for download if anyone is interested, and I hope that if someone in my area is reading this is looking for a great church with godly leadership committed to the truth of the Bible... come visit.

 2010/11/25 6:34

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Personally i have quit trying to look for a "Good" church. The current church is merely a reflection of modern day Christianity.

I stopped looking for a church and started looking for God. If we find God we can take his word and his power with us whenever we go. I have decided to stay put in my local church and be used by God there. Its frustrating sometimes but slowly but surely God will in his providence bring back his true sheep. Why God would save a guy like me after how many times i have messed up is beyond me. The most puzzling aspect of theology to me is why God loves me. when i think of this love i realize he must love those legalistic denominational error prone christians i have tried to run from. But what is the use of the "word dwelling richly" within me? to sit down and have cups of tea and discuss theology with likeminded folks (i love to do this) or to contend for the faith in places and churches that truelly need a move of the spirit.

I have to deal with deacons 50,60,70 years old and being relatively younger (30's) it is difficult and the older folks take pride in their years of service. But i have come to realise physical age and maturity doesnt correspond to spiritual maturity and it requires leading from the lord to be able to deal with these types of people who are at the helm of my church leadership. But thats why we love and also contend for the faith. If it was easy why would be need to contend?

ps: we should always let God judge our works. There are many churches that take pride in the millions of dollars they give to the poor and this is noble indeed. But judging a church by "works" is dangerous. There are ministries healing millions of people, ministries giving millions but many of these churches maybe leading millions to hell as well regardless of their "works"

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