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 Soulishness vs.spirituality

the Soulishness is something that has plagued man since cain slew abel.It is something that we see a ton of in the modern church.I think the reason for so much soulish activity in the modern church is because the church on the whole has gotten away from the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.The church has gotten away from truly believing Gods Word ,also.I think Paul said that they would heap to themselves teachers having itching ears.What is soulishness - it is what comes from the carnal part of man.The soul is your mind,will,and emotions.It is the part of us that constantly wants to exalt itself.The Lord Jesus Christ said that if you want to live,you have to be willing to deny self (soul) ,and follow Him daily.The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord. He speaks and communes with our spirit.The Holy Spirit resides within our spirit,after we are born-again,and spirit-filled.Soulish worship for example typically excites the flesh,and makes us feel good.But it does not change you.True Holy Spirit led worship tugs at the heart of man.God wants His people to worship Him in Spirit and truth.It changes you & lifts you out of yourself into the presence of God Almighty.If what you listen to dear christian brothers & sisters does not edify your Innerman ,(spirit),then it is probaly soulish music.I know thisthesis probaly sounds like I am some kind of religous-snob,I am not.God delivered me out of listening to Satans music some 20 years ago. I know the difference between,spirit & soul.A good rule of thumb is the script,in the bible that says everything we do should glorify the Lord.I have two grown daughters and have quoted this script., to them many times. That is a pretty good rule for most of your christian life.If Jesus was here in front of me could I worship Him to this music,or better yet,could I partake of this activity? I have read most of brother Knees works ,and He is dead on the money.Most of his writings he wrote while He was suffering for His Lord.A lot of the jibberish that is propagated in the name of the Lord,( I am speaking book wise), is full of stuff that will indulge the soul ! But it will leave you empty on the inside.I prayed 25 years ago for discernment between spirit and soul.Spirit-filled and inspired books & music will edify your spirit in Christ . Soulish music & books will not.You have only one life to give for our precious Lord Jesus Christ,don't waste your time on soulish fluff.It does not satisfy the longings of your heart to know Christ.Ask Him whose Word can divide between spirit & soul,to help you distinguish the difference.He will help you to walk in the light,as He is in the light.He said that His Word is a discerner of the thoughts and intentions of the heart.It is.I do not beleve that you can grow in Christ,apart from His Word & Spirit.I think that is why there is so much soulish behavior,& music,in our churches today.People in general,that I have met over the years do not want to crucify there flesh with its affections, and lusts.A lot want to indulge it in His name.We can not indulge our flesh,and be the kind of spiritual giants God would have us to be.We have to come to the place in our heart ,where we decide it is the Lords way period.Jesus has to have all of you to do the eternal work inside of you that He wants to do.Let us His chuch go on to true christian perfection.Feasting on His Word daily. It will build your spirit man,to the place where you can discern between soul & spirit . The way of the cross is the way of spiritual power . Come to Him and dine on hidden mannah,in His word.( We use to call these hidden nuggets of truth.) His Holy Spirit will lift you up above these adverse times we live in,to see Him who is alive forever more ! Jesus Christ is still the same Lord who saved me 27 years ago ! He has not changed,He doesn't have ,too.He is the perfect Lamb of God.God bless. (P.S. -watchman Knee,John G.Lake,smith Wigglesworth,are some excellent christian teaching.)


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