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 Pastor: Church needs to teach that sin is sin

Check out this story:

I find this news item so refreshing.

The culture of Hedonism is so rampant in the south...In matters of morals, or the lack of it. Many times one can go to Wal-Mart on a busy day and see youngsters in the buggy screaming, yelling and their partially clad moms doing nothing to stop it. (Most of these moms are single.)

Or, you can go to many public schools and there the first graders will be talking much about sex and gambling...

Or, you see increasing amount of violence in the schools directed towards the teachers.

All I can say is that I wish to God there were more [black] males who would have concern for their people. Yet, they do exist - I know, I have met them, but they are up against some insurmountable odds...they need the prayers of the saints to be able to stand against the satanic onslaught that is wrecking their people.

Now the whites - are being destroyed by the OSAS doctrine that teaches one that lifestyle is irrelevant after they "got saved."

The devil is everywhere, using whatever ... nobody is immune from his attacks.

LORD have mercy! Unless this onslaught of Hedonism is stopped, our social structure will collapse - and Obama cannot be blamed for it either! It all rests with the individual decision of "what will I do with the Saviour?"


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Pastor: Church needs to teach that sin is sin

Quote, "...God's way is the best way to do anything.", the pastor decides.

The pastor decides? Not God?

The pastor decides nothing, he should obey the word of God.

Media always wants to twist what is said to evoke a reaction, and mostly they are looking for an unfavourable reaction. It lines their pockets.

But the fact is, sin, by any other name, is still sin.

We have the same ugly senario played out here in England. I don't doubt it's a western epidemic. Yes, sin is universal, but the tide of hedonism is so visible in the west.

Unless the Lord...

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