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 Pastor to church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

NEPTUNE, N.J. — A New Jersey pastor is telling his married church leaders to delete Facebook or resign.

The Rev. Cedric Miller says much of his recent marital counseling has included infidelity stemming from the social-network website.

The leader of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune says Facebook is reigniting old passions. His plan was first reported by the Asbury Park Press.
Miller already had asked married couples among his 1,100 congregants to share their Facebook passwords with each other. He says the reaction to that request was mixed. ...

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 2010/11/18 8:06Profile

 Re: Pastor to church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

I'm not sure that just deleting Facebook will end adultry among the clergy, or lay people. If adultry happens then that is indicative of a deeper heart condition (otherwise known as a sin condition).

Speaking personally, Facebook has a been a blessing for my wife and I in that we are able to stay in touch with family and friends from across the world. And I have a STRONG Christian witness on there... and that has been done purposely so as to keep me on the "straight and narrow", as it were.

I think used properly Facebook is like anything else... it can be a tool.

I think banning clergy from Facebook because adultry might happen is kinda like banning cars because someone might drink and drive.

Now, if someone is not able to use Facebook (or any other site like it) properly and to God's glory then absolutely they should run from it!

 2010/11/18 8:19

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 Re: Pastor to church leaders: Thou shalt not Facebook

I am certainly not trying to argue with anyone regarding the potential tool that Facebook “could be”. It seems that some may have a testimony to back that up, but I want to share a few comments on what I have seen from the fruit of Facebook.

I have seen more problems generated from Facebook than not.

Perhaps there have been someone out there that have come to a saving faith in the Lord from Facebook, but I have never known one.

I have known plenty of marriages that have ended in infidelity and divorce because of Facebook. People who find a person that they knew years before from high school or college and start talking…

I agree with HomeSkoolDad that of course it is more an issue of the heart and in the same token guns don’t kill people it is the person who pulls the trigger that does the killing, so the “tool” (Facebook or guns) can’t be blamed completely; it is how they are used or abused.

In the same concern I have seen a number of younger Pastors, Elders and church leaders who spend more time on Facebook then in prayer.

I see that as a major problem.

Pastors who should be taking their positions very seriously and be before the Lord for their flock will spend hours a day checking and searching Facebook or browsing for friends; then turn and spend five minutes in prayer and expect God to bless their work.

Pastors and leaders who will run to check or update their status on Facebook and see what someone may have written, instead of running to check their heart status before God.

I am sure that there will likely be many angry responses from people who love Facebook, but I know what I have seen in the younger generation of Pastors and leaders.

The future of the Church is going to be placed in the hands of many Pastors that find their strength and encouragement in Facebook and not on their knees in communion with a living Christ. It scares me a bit. Never the less our God is Sovereign.

My opinion is this: Any Bible believing Christian who spends more time on Facebook, YouTube, even on or watching TV then they spend in prayer or the Word of God; absolutely needs to examine their hearts and repent.

1 Cor. 13:5 Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

Col 3:1-3 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

God be with you!

 2010/11/18 10:25Profile


My opinion is this: Any Bible believing Christian who spends more time on Facebook, YouTube, even on or watching TV then they spend in prayer or the Word of God; absolutely needs to examine their hearts and repent.

I'm glad you mentioned this because SermonIndex can be a complete waste of time as much as any other wesbite.

 2010/11/18 10:56


I wrote somthing here that someone completely miscontrued and got offended over... so I have replaced it with this text. I do not wish to cause any arguments on this forum.

 2010/11/18 11:14

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I dont know this Pastor's heart and he may have gone to the extreme. But maybe he has been so grieved about what is happening these days to people falling away that he took these measures. I hope that is the case and not that he is a legalist. Brother Dr. K.P. was concerned about people falling away that he even told two brothers not to fellowship together right now because they were not good for each other. He had a very sobering word from the Lord Tues. night streaming.

A dear brother asked us to get a facebook act. so we could see who we were fellow shipping with and lift up Jesus etc. And I really enjoyed it a lot. I got in touch with a sister from the 70's when we were babes etc. My site only lifted up Jesus and I know some who were faltering thanked me for posts like from D. Wilkerson.

The problem I had was, just as Iceman was saying, I was becoming consumed with it. I was enjoying it so much I was not spending the same amount of time with the Lord as I liked. And it even watered down my time with Him. So I turned off my acct. I dont know if I shall ever return.

As far as SI. I love it here. It is a gift from the Lord as are all of you. But I must admit at times I am here instead of first being with the Lord. Everyone knows SI is not a waste of time, we are fed here, we grow, we have fellowhip, we debate etc. There is nothing better on the web than SI.

But it is true we must guard our hearts and always spend more time with the Lord first. If we don't we wont have much of Him to share.

I pray for this Pastor and all of the sincere Pastors. Some are just wanting to give up due to what they see happening in their congregations. This is when we can say, God, we need Your Divine Intervention. Help, we need You help.

 2010/11/18 11:34Profile

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Nottingham, England


If someone has to struggle with giving up facebook or pastoring, should he be pastoring?

Just a thought.

 2010/11/18 11:38Profile

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New York



Saying that God is not using whatever it may be simply becuse YOU don't see it is close to blasphemy (and extremely self-righteous, as if you have been endowed with special discernment into what God is using and is not using) because if God is not in something then by default it is satanic. Attributing evil to the Almighty God of Heaven is a dangerous thing to do.

It is really unfortunate that you were unable to read my entire post, but instead were offended about my OPINION of Facebook and attack me insinuating that I claim that I am an all knowing all seeing person. I never said that!!!

Take the time to read my original post before you comment. I never said God wasn’t using Facebook and I never said that it was satanic.

If you read my post I agreed with you that Facebook was not the cause of infidelity.

Perhaps you are just wasting hours of your day on Facebook and using it as an excuse that you are doing “God’s work”, and I just hit a sore spot in your life.

Instead of attacking me perhaps you should spend some time in prayer before the Lord you claim to serve regarding the time you waste; remember it is His time if you are His.

 2010/11/18 11:41Profile


I did read your post, and I agreed with it. Don't understand how I "attacked" you, but that is the fallacy of forums like this.

 2010/11/18 12:00

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Facebook is not the problem,we are the problem. We all are responsible for our own actions, if this minister is this concerned about FB, maybe he needs to re-examine his messages to his congregation, if the message is right, FB should not be any problem. If Pastors start the practice of telling their congregations not to visit FB, what will it be next? don't go to Wal-Mart because you might run into an old flame or they sell secular books. Temptation in my opinion increases our faith, if we are not allowed to be temped by worldly things, how do we increase our testimony or our faith in God? I personally use FB, but more of a reader than a poster, and have been reunited with my Class of 1970, and have enjoyed being re-united with my old school Buddies both women and men, it's been a Blessing to me personally, but I have not even considered asking any of the women out, and I am single. I personally know that one day that God will place someone in my path, this is my faith in action, I have no desire to hurry anything up by using a social-network website, matter fact if we use them as God would want us to, they can be a way to bring in the lost sheep.


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