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 America's changing perception of Mormons

First they were portrayed as liars, deluded country bumpkins and blasphemers. Then, Mormons were philanderers with multiple wives and malevolent motives. But America's perception of Mormonism dramatically shifted at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago when the relatively new Mormon Tabernacle Choir dazzled the crowd and the judges, earning a silver medal and requests for national tours.

"Suddenly, Mormons weren't just legitimate, they were popular," explained University of Richmond professor and religious scholar Terryl Givens during his lecture, "Fraud, Philanderers and Football: Negotiating the Mormon Image," at the first Mormon Media Conference Thursday and Friday at BYU.

However, in a religious gathering at that same world's fair, Mormons were deliberately not invited. Petitions for an invitation were eventually granted, but LDS apostle B.H. Roberts was not allowed to present his paper as were ...

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 Re: America's changing perception of Mormons

There are a lot of Mormons where I live (southern Alberta).

They call themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and for years took the stand that they were totally different from mainstream Christianity. In fact their doctrine teaches mainstream Christianity to be the whore of Babylon.

But there's been a switch the last few years. These days they are trying hard to present themselves as a legitimate branch of orthodox Christianity.

They're nice people, most of them, as far as that goes. But-- I could be wrong-- I think many of them don't know their own doctrine to any depth.

I've read the Book of Mormon. Let me tell you: what a fairy tale.

One of the things that shoots their whole system down in flames is that they have two priesthoods going at the same time: the Aaronic, and the Melchizedek. The young ones, the "elders" you see going from door to door, they are the ones in the "Aaronic" priesthood, they're the novices who eventually will graduate into the Melchizedek order.

Total foolishness. The Aaronic order went out with the Old Covenant. It is gone.

So as far as their doctrine goes, Mormons don't have the basic understanding of the difference between the old and the new covenant.

I once brought this issue up with two young "elders" who had been coming around once in a while to try to convert me. They didn't know how to answer me, so I invited them to bring one of their leaders back with them, someone who might know more then they did about it, and could enlighten me as to this.

They never came back.

...There is a lot of other stuff in their doctrine that is off the wall. Nevertheless I will say that debating doctrine with these boys who come around isn't what they really need. They deeply need to meet the Presence of Christ in us Christ-ones.

Allan Halton

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 Re: America's changing perception of Mormons

This has been a particular concern of mine over the last year as I observe Christians who are following Glenn Beck down the road of ecumenism. Beck's "revival" services, and joining hands with those of all faiths to restore America "back to it's godly roots" is being bought into by TONS of "evangelical Christians".

And it's saddening that whenever I challenge Christians about this I get attacked. No one wants their idol (Glenn Beck) to fall.

 2010/11/14 15:36

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