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 Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?

It's no surprise that television has changed throughout the years, but the progression over the past 20 years brings concern to the pro-family movement.
Paul Asay, associate editor of Focus on the Family's Plugged In magazine, recently wrote the article "The Changing Face of Prime Time" to discuss how prime time television has evolved.

"I happened to look back through some old issues, back before everything was online, and noticed that the very first television show that we really covered was The Simpsons, which amazingly is, of course, the only show that's still around from that time," Asay accounts. "For me, it was really illustrative of where television has come." ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?

If our idea of what family is
comes from the Simpsons; we are
really in trouble !!

Martin G. Smith

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We actually gave up television entirely about 12 years ago, and my children have never had it (except for visits to others' houses and some DVDs). I really don't miss it. I would encourage everyone to consider this option for themselves.
I occasionally see a little when I am somewhere visiting, and not only is it immoral, it is idiotic as a whole. I can't believe I watched so much when I was younger. What a wate of time.

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Totally agree with swimmer. We gave up television alltogether over one year ago. One of the best decision we've ever made! Interestingly enough, I used to watch around 30 hours of TV every week but I never missed it when I quit. Just stop and think about what you're doing to your mind and spirit when you watch all that wonder we as Christians are so ineffective.

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 Re: Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?

We've bashed Television and rightly so, but now there is the Internet and high tech has never been easier, now you can subscribe to movie networks and watch or download your favourite movie online. I don't have a TV, all I've done is replaced it with a laptop or PC and one can use this medium as a TV.

Who are we trying to kid anyway?

 2010/11/14 21:54

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To me TV is just a waste of time. I actually did away with TV before I was even saved knowing it was such a waste of time and kept me from the things that I really wanted to do, but was distracted because of laziness via the TV.

TV nowadays is horrible. I am often changing the channel at work because of this.

I see your point snuf, internet can be just as bad, however can be moderated a little I easier, I think.


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 Re: Snuf

Amen snuff! We can’t be TV SNOBS when we can have access to anything we want with a touch of our finger on our cell phones (I used to think pay-per-view was bad). I have gone out of my way to keep the basic cell phone that I have and I couldn’t imagine getting the internet on my phone with all the bells and whistles. Texting gets on my nerves... I’m good for about 3 short texts and that’s it! NO more! Haha (Sidebar: I can’t believe the people dying from texting and driving now).

It’s pitiful how we in America are on sensory overload and it’s only getting WORSE. One day we will look back and say, “I remember when we could only get 400 channels in our little town. Now look at us, we can watch any country in the world plus their 500 channels!”

God bless us all as we navigate through this life!


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Sometimes it's a blessing when the power goes out.... until everyone in my house has gone 3 days without a shower.

 2010/11/15 7:57

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 Re: Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?

We also axed the TV about 5 years ago and have never looked back. We will watch 2 or 3 movies a year on the laptop. We get our news online, and can choose our news outlets that way. TV is NOT evil in and of itself. It can be a powerful medium when used for Christ and a wonderful source of education when used for that purpose. Don't you just love a well done history documentary? I do! I have found that I really don't miss TV, and I cannot even imagine having the time to sit and watch it every evening. I think its really healthy mentally and spiritually to get rid of it, or at least drastically curtail it.


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 Re: Family-friendly TV a thing of the past?

Wanted to share where t.v. is going.

it has been several years when the pastor and I shared motel room at a seminar conference. He flicked on the T.V. and there was men and women in bed having a orgy. We were both embarressed. He turned it off.

A couple years ago my brother and I were in a hotel. Same thing, flicked on T.V. and there was several women teaching how to do oral sex.

Why does a child copy at Halloween a costume of Batman?? He sees it in the movies first or on T.V..

My grand daughter 6 years old completely understands the boy and girl lay down and kiss thing. We must do something to keep our family holy unto the Lord. 1Pet. 2:9-10 sometimes shock keeps us in a careful life of righteousness.


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