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 God's Will is Done ... Pres. Bush Remains America's Leader...

i am completely blown away by our God's mercy, and His undeserved kindness toward us all, saved and unsaved ... GOD TRULY IS LOVE! ...

Well saints God's will apparently has been done ... Now to see just what else He has in store for us via 4 more years under George W. Bush ... He's allowed 9/11 ... He's allowed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ... One Supreme Court justice is sick with thyroid cancer ... Arafat's ill ... America has proved, although hanging by our fingertips, that we're really, really not trying to bring God's wrath down upon us with added quickness ... GWB is President a second term ... But the big question in my mind is what about the Church? ... What is going to transpire in the American Church? ... Will God manuever some future event that will spark His Church from our apostate complacency? ...

i sure hope that the remnant realize that our real work of prayer, being repentant, calling for repentance, and evangelizing, in this extended grace period is the most critical ever! ... i was amazed by the voter numbers which tell me that half the voting public steers toward what in my estimation seems more right, while the other half towards more wrong ... We in America have in essence a spiritual civil war just waiting to happen ... This country is one great divide, and the radical homosexuals won't react to nicely to their chance of union/marriage to be Constitutionally banned ... We can best believe that all radical left wing elements in the nation right now blame Christians (evangelical to far right) for thwarting there Kerry hoped for initiatives ... i already got a few grumpy remarks from my fellow co-workers, and you can best believe i count that all joy! ... '0)

i praise God that "Vote or Die" ... died! ... and that God will convict to repentance the likes of P. Diddy, and tear down their demon possesed hip hop empires ...

2004 Not a Breakout for Youth After All ...

i praise God that an extra 9% of African American saints chose to vote for Godly principals over personal predjudices and preferences ...

i praise God that the stacking of the Supreme Court with more conservative judges may keep us from being wayyyyyy over God's red line ...

And i certainly thank God that we have a President who will deal with the ungodly EU (the eventual kingdom of the anti-christ) out of a position of authority, and power, and not servitude, although i still believe our economy already judged to further failure ... This later point regarding the EU may not make much sense to many, but i've seen satans wicked agenda with the EU from way back ... Some may find this interesting ...

T.R. Reid: Europe, The New Superpower

i'm praying even more for the President, America, and it's people, but who and what i'll now really most be praying for is the Church of Jesus Christ, that we may become the saltiest salt, and the brightest light, in what sure feels to me as the extended Grace of our Father ... Amen ...

PS -"Lord God i pray you ... if President Bush does have any vile unconfessed sin(s) about this war in Iraq, and how we got there, for i know he was initially influenced by the neo-cons, and like King David with Bath-Sheba has not been forthcoming to repentance ... Then may you send him a Nathan to point out, and to convict him of the sin(s), whether the acknowledgement be public or private i don't care, just so long as he clears it up with you that he may command this nation in clear conscience with You ... Equip him dear God for our hardships ahead ... In Jesus name ... Amen


Does a man have to be perfect in all his ways to be concidered by God as one after His own heart? ..

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 Re: God's Will is Done ... Pres. Bush Remains America's Leader...

Hi Rahman,

And I thought I read alot...
Think some of us are just giant sponges, you squeeze 'em and out it pours right on to these pages here.

So Rahman, tell us...
How do you [i]really[/i] feel? :-P

All kidding aside, absorb a lot of these things, they just kind of percolate. Guess I would be of the "Red Flag Brigade" as to what and how it all plays out, but just wanted to say, love your zeal man. :-)

Mike Balog

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crsschk you wrote:
"All kidding aside, absorb a lot of these things, they just kind of percolate".

Ha! ... Ha! ... that's all a seed slinger can hope for ... His word does not return unto Him void, negatively or positively there will be a reaction ...

As always, much philos and agape to you bruh ...

Bro R

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