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 'Morality' a Top Issue in U.S. Election Win by Bush


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush built his election win on a coalition of older, white, church-goers in a race where voters were more likely to cite "morality" as their top concern rather than war or terror, analysis of the vote showed on Wednesday.

Pollsters had focused on terrorism, Iraq and the economy as key issues in the run-up to Tuesday's election and those were, of course, big factors in Bush's 3 million-vote margin.

But "moral values" was the single top issue cited by voters, and social and religious issues such as gay marriage, gun ownership, and abortion loomed large, according to exit polls by television networks posted on Web sites on Wednesday.

Bush voters said they valued his clarity, leadership and religious faith -- while Kerry scored much higher with those who placed a premium on intelligence, compassion and being an agent of change.

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 Re: 'Morality' a Top Issue in U.S. Election Win by Bush

As Bush said, the people have chosen. More than that, however, God has chosen (not implying that He fully approves of the winners, of course). Not only did the Republicans keep the White House (it was close, but not nearly as close as last time), they extended their Senate lead to 55 against 44, and they now hold the House 231 to 200 (3 seats still undecided according to CNN, NBC's already counting them to the Republicans), and they hold 28 of 50 governorships.

This kind of across-the-board dominance is pretty rare.

I think we will now get to see what the Republican agenda really is, since they have the power to successfully push it. Have many of them, as many suspect, abandoned conservatism in favor of politically-advantageous compromise (leading to rather abhorrently compromised stances on issues such as sodomite marriage/union, abortion, etc.), or were they simply biding their time until they could politically get away with voting truly conservative?

God, have mercy on us, and guide us and our leaders...

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