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I actually don't know a whole lot about Catechism but I do know any systemized teaching can and most likely will lose its "life" within the first generation.

Yes, there is always the possibility with that. But as Paul pointed out in Romans, the problem wasn't with the Law itself, for the Law is just, good, and holy. The problem is with men. Every tool we utilize has the possibility of becoming dead letter to those who use it if not coupled with a regenerated heart that is sensitive to the Spirit. No doubt, even the New Testament has become dead letter to many.

It is my hope that I can help create a tool, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, that other Christians might find useful in helping to teach others the fundamentals of the faith. If it is used 50 years from now, I don't really care. Let the next generation decide if it helped them along or not. But, if it might be a useful tool in the present generation, and specifically, in the context of my local church, I am open to the idea.

This tool would be a limited tool. It is no replacement or substitute for a personal relationship with the Lord, or close one on one discipleship with those who are more seasoned in the faith. It's simply an aid, and I wish it to be nothing more than that. I'm not looking to create an institution out of it :-)

Jimmy H

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First comes the external hearing, then comes the internal believing. This is the order of Christian learning, because unlike many mystic religions, our faith is shaped by many revealed doctrines, not inward feelings. However, it is tempting to overlook our own process when instructing others. Once our instruction takes root, and our affections for God come into season, we feel it is our duty to condemn or despise formal religious instruction for others

I've used the catechism with my children as an excellent frame work to make sure the basics of the faith are covered. The catechism is like any other teaching aid, in that it helps us to not skip essentials and fundamentals. Using an outline to teach from hardly means that the instruction is by rote or uninspired. It just means that it will be structured.

Furthermore, by combining historic tools with more modern conversational approaches in the instruction of my children I am able to give them a connection with their greater heritage as Christians.

It is wonderfully true that many of us have discovered the difference between the formal religious training of your youth and our true conversions later in life. So dramatic is our awakening that we might be tempted to despise our years of external religion ...but I think we are simply becoming the fulfillment of Gods promise, "train up a child...and he will not depart from it."


Mike Compton

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Here are two that were recommended to me that are from a nonreformed standing:

"Classic Catechism" by Russell, J. Veldman


"The Arminian Confession of 1621" by
Mark Ellis

thanks russ

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