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 EU Pet Passport Initiative Calls For Microchip Identification Systems

Digital Angel To Participate In New EU Pet Passport Program

An advanced technology company in the field of rapid and accurate identification, location tracking, and condition monitoring of high-value assets, today announced that it is well-positioned to participate in the [b]EU-mandated pet passport program slated for implementation on October 1, 2004.[/b]

Regulations issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on May 26, 2003, defining mandated identification techniques for dogs, cats and ferrets traveling into and between EU member countries, stipulate that for an eight-year transitional period animals shall be regarded as identified only if they bear either a clearly readable tattoo or an electronic identification system (transponder). After the transitional period only the electronic ID system will be acceptable under these regulations, which form an integral part of the new pet passport directive. As a result, although some citizens of EU member countries can now travel between some EU member states without passport control, [b]as of October 1 their companion pets will require a passport bearing the animal’s microchip[/b] or tattoo number as well as records of vaccinations, tick treatments, clinical examinations and other data.

In eight years, the tattoo option will no longer be available, and all pets will need microchips.

Digital Angel’s General Manager for the RFID International Division, Leo Ortenblad, commented, “The EU pet passport initiative has been driven by efforts over the past decade to prevent the spread of rabies throughout EU member states. Addressing an estimated 100 million population of companion dogs and cats in 30 countries in Europe, the EU regulations explicitly recognize the benefits of the radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip as the only positive, permanent and unalterable form of animal identification available.”

Kevin Nieuwsma, President of the Company’s RFID Division, added, “We believe that by taking this step, the EU has indicated the direction the rest of the world will eventually take in the area of safe and secure identification of companion animals, as well as livestock.”

The Company noted that the EU regulations also require that scanners at all EU ports of entry must be capable of reading all microchips that are in compliance with certain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, which does not include all RFID chips currently on the market. All Digital Angel microchips, whether marketed in the US, Europe or elsewhere, currently meet those standards, the Company added.

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 Re: EU Pet Passport Initiative Calls For Microchip Identification Systems

It was some 2 years ago when I read in my local newspaper about the wish of one kid in Florida to get chipped! I immediately started to search the web about more information, I found some older links about when animals were first time chipped - the article was contemporary for that time and in the end of the article was said,paraphrase: "Who knows, maybe one day in some distant future people will be chipped" I don't remeber well (maybe some can help) this article was some 1-2 years before 2002!
And look now what is happining just 2 years later:

[b]February 27, 2002[/b]
Imagine having an I.D. card that could store any personal information about you, including your medical history, address and phone numbers, even food preferences and secret codes. Now imagine that card actually being a rice-sized computer chip placed under your skin! Sound like science fiction? Well, it might just be pure science. A Florida company called Applied Digital Solutions has created such a device, called the VeriChip, and hopes a local family will be among the first to "get chipped."
The Jacobs family of Boca Raton, Florida, (known also by the nickname "The Chipsons") will be the first family to have the chips implanted once the device is approved by the government's Food and Drug Administration.

The wish became reallity just 6 months after:

[b]11 May, 2002[/b]
US doctors have implanted chips into the arms of a Florida family containing their medical histories in a controversial new programme that doctors hope may one day become standard practice.

[img align=left][/img]The Jacobs family - Jeffrey, 48-years-old, Leslie, 46-years-old, and Derek their 14-year-old son - had the devices, about the same size as a grain of rice, implanted in a procedure that took only 10 seconds in a clinic in Boca Raton, Florida.

However the chips could also be used to contain personal information and even a global positioning device which could track a person's whereabouts, leading to fears the chip could be used for more sinister purposes.

Each chip contains a unique number and emits a radio frequency signal that transmits a brief medical message - for example a possible allergy or medical problem - and the unique number.

Using a handheld device, medical personnel can then feed the number into a web-based database that is maintained by ABS and contains more detailed information about any possible problems the implanted patient may have.
Security is part of the VeriChip business plan. The company has already signed a deal with the California department of corrections to track the movements of parolees using Digital Angel. Seelig believes VeriChip could function as a theftproof, counterfeit-proof ID, like having a driver's license embedded under your skin.

[b]1 October, 2004[/b]
European Union [b]Requires[/b] Pets to be Tattooed or Micro-chipped
Pets moving to Europe must be tattooed or microchipped and must have a new type of health certificate.

What is next?

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Chip technology for pets have been around for many years (in Singapore). I guess all of us more concern when the governement decide to implant ID chip into our right arm or forehead. I guess the terrorist threats had speed up the innovated way personal ID

Lawton Ho

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