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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : What does love look like?

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Central Alberta, Canada

 Re: What does love look like?

We may say: "Oh, how utterly unworthy I am of all this grace and mercy!"

...but the messenger of God would say: "When God decided to show you His mercy, He did not consult your own unworthiness, but His own unbounded grace, goodness and vast love.

He saw how the grand enemy of souls desired your ruin, but He upheld you by His secret power. Through this, when Satan thought he had you, and that you were destroyed, the snare was broken and you have escaped."

...Of all the torments of hell, and that of the second death, of those who reject Christ, and of the just punishment of sin and recompense that unforgiven man who by willful choice made, who will be made to endure in the Lake of Fire...yet there is a better place to see the effects due to sin ....and that of God's love for us.

That place can be seen when you behold the blessed Son of God upon the cross. There we may see depths of God's love, and the terrible effects of sin...for He bore it on His body...that is to say man's sin.

There we may see all of sin's true evil, and that of God's love all at the same time. For all the sufferings of the damned souls of men and angels endure, are but the sufferings of created beings still; but on the cross ...on the cross, you see a suffering God.”

God is not untouched by us...How deep His love, to save a sinking dying soul from hell and death, that He took my place and said "it is finished" I receive you Lord Jesus, with all of my heart!


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