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 An Essay On Diabolos: ( The Destroyer ) !!!

Brethren in the Lord There are four things you shoud know about this discussion from the very outset before i launch this spiritual odyessy today - and they are (a) I pray God can both deliver and draw this Word out of me today (B) this is a word that i have worked on for some time now - However Some aspects will appear very fundamental and somewhat basic. But nevertheless we will endeavor to stir up your pure minds way of remembrance
(c) I have encountered considerable spiritual warfare and resistance in my attempt to bring this posting to you (d) you should know that I have not submitted a word of this spiritual calibre before. Now whilst many have taken to ink and paper in covering this topic before!!
However that being said: And that being the case: I hope to bring a freshness to this theme and hopefully some keen insight - along with revelation that is wholly and solely based upon - sola scriptura! Indeed.

So brethren and beloved in the Lord: let us begin with an introduction and with some background information as we endeavor to unpack this word - and essay today:

The bible (The Word of God) has always docuumented the devils movements ... his history ... his wiles - as well his ultimate destiny and outcome! (indeed a veritable fascinating outcome mind you by all accounts as presented to us - in scripture) Another way you say this: is you could say: He (the devil) is marked, known, and revealed in scripture for the purpose of both enlightenment and exposure! For to be forewarned is to be forearmed...indeed

Jesus brought enlightenment to his own disciples by making this statement about satan "I saw satan as lightning fall from heaven" Satan is a (fallen being) this we well know. But consider that from (the day iniquity was found in him) he has continued on a fall! or what i call a downward spiral into perdition (as it were) this also highlights that the same judgment awaits all who continue in sins And iniquites. A downward spiral that plunges one into ruin and seperation from God. That is effectively the end or net result to them that Sin and find no repentance. Indeed mark it down that the end result is always one of going DOWNWARDS! Its a spiral - a slippery slope - a descent - a backwards motion ! Call it what you will ... but those that serve sin or iniquity place themselves in A POSITION of utter ALIENATION AND SEPERATION FROM God! The bible says that Judas by transgression (FELL) But furthermore to the point of discussion at hand - it should be documented that since satan FELL - it has been a (tri-fold) falling as the followings things outlined suggest: firstly he fell from heaven as of lightning as Jesus himself told his own disciples. Secondly Revelation and chapter twelve informs us further he takes yet a further tumbling when the War-in-heaven occurs between michael and his angels and the devil and his angels they ...engage battle ...and warfare - with the outcome ...or the result that is favourable to all saints! and to the host of heaven ... with the end ...being ...Satan ... yet again ...FALLING and PLUMMETING ...DOWNWARDS.

Scripture goes on to say after this demolotion job by michael and his angels: that there was found no more place for him (them) in the heavenlies - and they were cast OUT!!!

I Wont digress here much, suffice to say it appears as though he (Satan and his host) are denied access to that heavenly realm and denied access to that spiritual demension that is unseen to the naked human eye! The bad news however is revelation chapter twelve declares he is cast DOWN to the earth. "Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for the devil is come DOWN having great wrath, for he knows he has but a short time! But as touching again brethren on this FALLING issue - the bible tells us again from the book of revelation that after the great tribulation is over - he (the devil) falls again into a (bottomless pit) where he locked away for the space of 1000 years! and SHUT-UP! And a mighty angel comes down from heaven with a chain and binds satan and all but almost - throws away the key! (If only) BUT THEN AFTER THE 1000 YEARS IS EXPIRED HE IS LET OUT AGAIN - FOR A SHORT SEASON. But after that the purposes of God are fulfilled again ( revelation chapter twenty) he finally falls, or is cast into a lake of fire and brimstone. Where also is found the beast and the false prophet! And they are tormented in that place forever and ever! No exits! no being let out! not even for a short time! It's literally a do not pass go and do not collect $200 dollars situation (so-to-speak) and to coin a well known phrase. But finally, yes finally diabolos is shut-up and bound - for good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now no essay on ole sluefoot AS HE IS KNOWN, The devil, (Diabolos) would be complete without documenting his names, roles and/or titles as he has customary known for in scripture:

( This is By no means an exhuastive list) But as follows:

~~ The Devil
~~ Satan
~~ That old serpent
~~ The father of lies
~~ The wicked one
~~ The tempter
~~ The accuser/slanderer
~~ adversary/destroyer/devourer
~~ god of this world
~~ prince of the power of the air
~~ Beelzebub (the prince of the devils)
~~ great red dragon
~~ Angel of light
~~ The enemy

Doubtless brethren there are other names, titles, and roles in scripture he is well known for: And some could argue the case and with merit (i might add) for the names of lucifer and the anointed cherub to be included in the list ( Isa 14 and ezek 28 )

(Some interesting facts about Diabolos) I have learned:

Again some of these things might seem fundamental to seasoned believers - but bear with me beloved, I pray.

#1. Do not over-estimate your adversary, but conversely do not under-estimate him - EITHER! He is a defeated Foe, but nevertheless one who still prowls about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (destroy) (ruin)
#2. You can be oppressed, suppressed, and even possessed by the devil (then entered satan into Judas) but conversely Christians can become obessed with the devil himself!
(with neither outcome - being a good one) So stay balanced.
#3. Christians can BLAME the devil for everything that goes wrong in there lives and in there homes and in there families, when clearly peter informs us we can be buffeted and suffer things for our (OWN) faults.
#4. Christians can presumptiously engage both in railing and of cursing of the Devil (which even the arch-angel michael refused to CONTEND with the devil over the body of Moses' - but said "the Lord rebuke thee O' Satan"
( Personally: I always cringe and get a shiver when other PB'S that is Professing believers inform me of the kind of words and warfare thay have just engaged in - with the devil) As though railing, swearing, and cursing is somehow justified before a holy God??? Mmm.

( It should be noted by the reader that the writer of todays posting God willing - will release a Word entitled " when Not to blame the devil" As so many Christians seem to freely blame the devil for everything negative that goes wrong in there lives. And that is just simply not scriptural, nor Biblicaally sound. Have you ever heard PB'S ( professing believers ) say " the devil is on my case and the devil is giving me a hard time, and the devil is trying to kill my family and my kids, and the devil is trying give me a cold and make me sick....the devil, the devil, the devil? Always the devil gets blamed for everything negative! or for every little trial or hardship happening to them. When clearly one must accept trials, and one must accept the body is infirm, and one must accept that at times we are weak, and one must accept we are growing old and the body is (this house of the tabernacle we live in - is dying daily) But (no) the devil is the cause and blame for everything bad!! But This is silly, unsound, and totally unbiblical beloved!

The latter (2) things are indeed a concern, but they come down to poor understanding, a lack of good teaching and that of bad theology, and a general lack of good grounding in the word-of-God.


~~ He has a kingdom upon which he reigns and rules within:

I.e All these kingdoms of the world will i give you, if you will but fall down - and Worship me!

I.e The prince of the (kingdom of persia) also withstood Gabriel from communicating his message to the prophet Daniel

( Incidently brethren this is why we cannot have a "kingdom now" theology because whilst ever satan is active - and alive and well on planet earth with a kingdom of darkness upon it) how then pray-tell can we set-up the kingdom of God on earth??? This to me - is a no-brainer!!!!

Again a failure on the part of many to rightly divide up the word of God and running to early with alleged revelation

I.e He is also the lord of darkness! and his kingdom thrives in that of darkness! By this we don't solely mean he operates chiefly during the night (But also includes such) As most partying "ya-hooing" "good times" and "revelings" occur during the night! However in saying he is (lord of darkness) we primarily and principally speak to that of - SEEKING COVER and of SEEKING CLOAKS - upon which they seek to hide there activities and iniquities! This is why the apostle paul says we are not of those who are (of the NIGHT)! but those who are of the (DAY). Incidently and interestingly the book of revelation informs us that during the great plagues and judgments that befall the world - at that time it says the beast and his kingdom will be drenched and saturated in DARKNESS (REV 16:10)
And just on another vein on this selfsame issue ... the book of acts says that we ( THAT IS THE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN ) upon our conversion to Christ is LITERALLY translated OUT of a kingdom of darkness - and into a kingdom of glorious light!

~~ Jesus dealt a severe blow to satans' kingdom at the cross of calvary ( which is very significant to note )
I.e Forinasmuch as he (Jesus) spoilt principalities and powers at the cross!

For had the princes of this world had (known) they would NEVER HAVE CRUCIFIED THE LORD OF GLORY! But, but, but: This is that mystery, the mystery of the cross that was hidden from before the foundation of the world (the hidden wisdom of God) But is now made manifest unto us! (Glory)

This is that wisdom beloved that ultimately bruised the head of the serpent (In Genesis chapter 3) and subsequently spoilt principalities and powers! effectively destroying him that held (the power of death) the devil (diabolos) Death is defeated and the way now made available (through the cross) to partake of the same resurrection our Lord experienced! if we remain stedfast in the faith unto the very end! with Jesus being made the firstfruits of them that rise from the dead! And then every man in his own order - and they that follow after. We are SAVED because of this hope of (the glorified body) WHICH IS the resurrection of the body! As we are not of them that perish and have no hope ... in the world!

God always had a plan both to recover and restore that which was lost in the garden and through the fall-of-mankind ... into Sin. ( The serpent beguilded Eve, but Jesus broke his back and bruised his head) And in a very real veritable sense of the word ... you could say that he Jesus took the wind out of satans' sails ( SPOILING PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS ) AND BECOMING THE HEAD OF THE CHURCH AND BECOMING THE HEAD OF ALL PRINCIPALITY AND POWER ... IN THE PROCESS - FOR HE MUST REIGN UNTIL HIS ENEMIES - ARE MADE HIS FOOTSTOOL. AMEN!

~~ The devil (Satan) will energize and inhabit the man-of-sin during the future time of tribulation in the earth.
I.e And the dragon gave him his power, his seat, and great authority (there is that word authority again) - And they worshipped the dragon which GAVE power unto the beast - whose coming is after the WORKING of satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders...


~~ he tempts and entices
~~ He beguiles and bewitches
~~ he decieves and deludes
~~ he has wiles and fiery darts
~~ he is busy and actively engages evil in the earth
( Job 1:7 says this " And the Lord said to satan, whence comest thou? Then satan answered - and said - from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down - in it )
~~ He seduces and lies with somewhat regular monotony:
I.e In the latter times some will depart from the faith - giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.
I.e There is no truth in him ( John chapter 8 ) he is the father of all lies who chose not to abide in the truth and neither can truth abide in him... when he speaks - he speaketh a he is the founding father of all lies.
~~ He hinders and buffets the Saints
I.e Paul was buffeted by a messenger of satan in 2nd coritnians in what appears to be a (God-allowed) method or way of keeping paul from being exalted above and beyond measure - by the people that trusted in him!!
I.e paul in writing to thessalonians informed them that he would have got back to them sooner had it not been for the FACT that satan (hindered) them. Satan does not play fair and he will do (all he can) to thwart and hinder the plans and purposes of God!

~~ He blinds and covers the eyes of the lost:
It must be said that probably the biggest lie that satan ever perpetrated and propagated upon the human race is that he (Satan) does not even exist!! Think about it: millions and millions of people go about there daily chores and daily activities totally oblivious and Blind to the reality of the warfare that rages between good and evil and between God and the devil, and between the holy angels and wicked spirits ... totally ignorant ...and totally blinded by the god of this world ... who hath blinded there hearts from the truth, lest the light of the glorious gospel of christ should shine unto them (and thus be saved)

~~ He wars from within as much as he does from without:
I.e Paul cautioned the believers at Ephesus (the elders) that men of there OWN company would arise and speak perverse things - and seek to draw disciples away unto there ownseves ( a power trip in other words ). The bible also informs us that the enemy plants and sews tares amongst the wheat. The scriptures also tell us that @ galatia paul spoke of false brethren that entered in unawares. Paul further highlights in corinthians that he was amongst false brethren not infrequently. Furthermore we learn that zechariah the prophet of God was slain between the porch and the altar ( you could say he was martyred in the house of God ) And as was antipas in revelation chapter two - and as was stephen by them of the synagogue of the libertines. killed by alleged followers of religion and of God. So the devil (wars from within the church) and this was demonstrated ever so clearly when paul thought he was doing God a favour by beating and flogging the early disciples of Jesus - but effectively paul was batting for the wrong team - but tragically he (paul) didn't even know what he was doing was wrong - but as he later states in timothies epistle " he did it in ignorance" and so God had mercy upon him - because of it.


~~ He diabolos has his own false teachers and prophets:
I.e There was false prophets AMONG the people - even as there likewise shall be false teachers among us. One could also say and accurately so (mind you) the he diabolos masqurades behind the chair of theology! We have to prove all things and be (berean like) in our searching ... dont just google it - but - "Berean it" ... by biblical searches
These are (the last of the last days) and we dare not be insipid or take things for granted, but be sober, vigilant and alert. Just because a man stands behind a pulpit - does not necessitate that by course God has placed him there...

Sometimes you get a pasting and a schlacking for suggesting that satan has his ministers behind the pulpit - but any well informed student and scholar of the word - would be well acquainted with what 2nd corintians chapter eleven says about self transformed ministers of satan - whose end shall be - according to there own works...


The good news is: Satan has an end! And one day he will be locked away - and shut up! And his deeds no more! And that which he started and began will one day reach a conclusion (an ending)! This will be a glorious day both in heaven and in earth - and for that matter under the earth. Indeed A time of great victory and rejoicing as this "spiritual being" and "opposing foe" is dispatched to the PIT! To a bottomless pit both of fire and brimstone ...where sinners, the beast, and the fasle prophet remain - locked up. With No exits, and with no escapes.

But in closing and in summary: a man might say: Is this not a grevious thing for you to speak on such things ?? But My reply is Nay brethren - it is not a grevious thing for me to say these things, but for you it is - SAFETY!!!!


Bro Stephen

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