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 Islamic website: Stab politicians to death

A U.S.-based website encouraging followers to stab members of British parliament has published a list of U.K. lawmakers who voted for war in Iraq and even giving instructions on where to purchase a knife. last April infamously warned the creators of "South Park" to be "afraid for their lives" after the cartoon depicted the Islamic figure Muhammad.

Now the Washington-based site is praising a British woman, Roshonara Choudhry, who tried to stab a parliamentarian to death in May for voting for the Iraq war. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/11/6 14:11Profile

 Re: Islamic website: Stab politicians to death

If there was ever a delusion of the world's politicians it's believing that they can westernize a Muslim. Whether they are nominal, or extremist, they are all the same. They hate everyone that doesn't agree with them and they will put up with anyone until their numbers increase. I believe that most races can co-exist, but a Muslim can't co-exist.

 2010/11/6 14:28

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You know, where I live some people still have the old mentality of being very prejudice against african americans. And I have to laugh every time a racial comment is made, because it makes no sense how accepting they are of a muslim compared to an african american.

Human nature I suppose? prejudice against an afroamer for something we did against them ages upon ages ago, but not prejudice against Muslims for something they did against us. An ironic paradox if you ask me.

However, in the end, the Lord is working, for these things must occur.


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 Re: Islamic website: Stab politicians to death

Here is another thing about Muslims, a very interesting comment made by Islamic Clerics that anyone who blows up himself up and kills people are working for the devil and deserves hell. This goes right along with this thread.

 2010/11/6 15:08

 Re: Islamic website: Stab politicians to death

In the UK this week:

 2010/11/6 15:17

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In reading this article I got to wondering if these clerics are becoming concerned about a possible backlash against them for saying otherwise and that now they are changing their tune in their bid for western acceptance?


Sandra Miller

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