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 Britain weighs ban on spanking children.


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 Re: Britain weighs ban on spanking children.


LONDON (AP) - British lawmakers will vote Tuesday on whether parents should be banned from smacking their children, an emotive issue that has caused rumblings of dissent in Prime Minister Tony Blair's governing Labour Party.

The government is opposed to an outright ban, and says parents should be allowed to exercise "reasonable chastisement." A number of Labour lawmakers, however, are unhappy with legislation before the House of Commons, and are calling for any form of physical punishment to be outlawed.

The government's plans to tighten the existing law, but still allow moderate smacking, are unlikely to be scuppered, however.

Britain is out of step on the issue with several European countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Austria, where all physical punishment of children is illegal.

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 Re: Britain weighs ban on spanking children.

“Those who spare the rod, hate their children, but the one who loves their child disciplines them diligently.” - Proverbs 13: 24 ... But what does God know, He only created us!

With the pitiable state of Christianity in the UK, i think Britains should be weighing a ban on God spanking them ... America should take heed from this once prolific producer of great Christian preachers, as to where a lack of spiritual discipline can lead.

Gnats, gnats ... everywhere one turns ... folk straining out gnats, and swallowing camels ... satan is a master at strong delusion.

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