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When authority goes too far is when you've just went beyond my space and your nose has touched mine.

 2010/10/29 18:11


That's what I was trying to say, Snuf. Thanks. :-)

 2010/10/29 18:25


i've just read your first post, and i have to tell you, that it is a clear, concise, annointed word, prophesy, forthtelling, that has been brimming in my heart, but i couldnt articulate it as well as God the Holy Ghost enabled you to, especially unpacking that 1st Samuel passage.

i'm not saying that to tickle your ears, God forbid, but to tell you, that post is a MESSAGE, a "sermon" if you will, sorely needed to be spoken, but writing it serves for now.

Man did not reveal this to you, only God the Holy Spirit can do as such.

as an aside, of all the meetings i've been to, one sticks out, and that was where the pastor was prevented from attending, by a 75 ton boulder falling on a two lane mountain highway, and 25 saints waiting in a house Church for him. He's a good Godly man, but we had Business to transact with God, meaning that meeting was where my closet prayer partner was headed out into the 10/40 mission field, with his wife and two toddlers, and during a prior session of prayer with him, i was led to ask him if i could wash his feet, before my bro boarded that aeroplane. of course, his "yes and amen" was immediate. we were going to miss each other.

like good little obedient's, we of course informed the pastor, what we intended to do, should the Spirit give the Leading, ON THE DAY. Now this pastor, is a good Godly man who i love deeply, but his response was that he wanted to hold a "teaching" about foot washing, then we would wash feet.

my bro and i just grieved silently, because even though i bought all the "fixing's", black plastic tub (the kind you use for paint) several bottles of nice liquid soap, a pack of 12 new cotton towels, and two plastic ice tea pitchers for warm water, our heart was that this foot washing would only happen, IF and WHEN, God the Holy Spirit said it would, if at all.

wasnt going to be printed up on some bulletin,
"11:15-12:00 pastor teaches from John on foot washing
12:01-12:30 foot washing"

Now my bro, his parents were missionaries from a parachurch organization, and he had plumb had it of churchianity. i had been following Jesus for about 3 years, and could discern certain pro forma aspects of "religion" we were pretty grieved, but said keep the shalom.

the night before the meeting, the mother of all rainstorms hits our mountain area, continues all night long, mudslides, road closures, a sad soul bound by liquor drowned in the creek, now a raging torrent. Yet when we got to the house, it was PACKED with 25 people, but no pastor. ten minutes before he drove up the mountain highway, here's what happened:

actually it was a 300 ton boulder, and when it became apparent we had no pastor, my brother and i sprung into action, we had been talking for years about a type of meeting, where Jesus would lead the meeting and we would all "worship share", meaning one person at a time could share, as led by the Spirit, could share a testimony, a Bit of Scripture, a prayer, a song.

i explained this to everyone, they were in aqreement, and my opening prayer was to ...humbly, ask Jesus to Pastor this meeting...and before i could say amen, the very air just shifted.

There was no disorder, disharmony, confusion, The Holy Spirit led this meeting, and It was Precious. Folks weeping, saints on their faces, the very atmosphere was charged and saturated with God, songs worshiping Him, sung from heart memory, no instruments....prayers breathed up to Heaven, everyone of one accord. Jesus was leading, and i cant even begin to describe the Sweetness of His Glorious Precense.

...and then He led me to ask my beloved brother, "may i wash your feet?"......we laid hands on the whole family, and prayed God's blessing and mercy over them to venture forth far away to be Salt and Light, preaching the Gospel in the far lands. once the family had their feet washed, God did His Work, and 25 people had their feet washed, men washing men's feet, women washing women's. No man told us to do it this way, decently and in order, God the Holy Ghost told us what was right. Words werent even spoken while this ordinance was happening, the air was that Thick with the Spirit of God.

....and then we were done, because Jesus wrote the benediction on our hearts. We then had a wonderful potluck meal together, while the storm raged outside. We all just marveled together at the Love of God for His children.

all the saints there, still to this day, talk of that meeting. My brother and his family still labor for Jesus in a far land. i miss him. i've never been to a meeting like that since, but i have Faith.

the Revival will not be televised. Thank You Jesus.

In Jesus' love, neil

 2010/10/29 18:57


The greatest of Servants is God.

That is why He is lifted up and exalted.

Jesus said, "he that humbles Himself shall be exalted."

That is what makes God so different than all the gods, all the other religions.

God humbled Himself to walk with Adam. He was way up there and then He came way down here to visit a creature that He made in His image.

Then He comes to Abraham and whispers a covenant with Him. God who is a God of Gods that has no need of nothing, draws up a covenant with a lowly man. His purpose, to finally take up His abode with man through the merits of Jesus Christ.

Truly what is man that He is mindful of us?

God who was in Christ Jesus humbled Himself and healed people according to their faith. He lowered Himself and sat with sinners and ate with them and increased bread and fish to serve others.

I am amazed at His humility, just amazed.

 2010/10/29 18:58


"your nose has touched mine."

oh c'mon now!!! you dont wanna rub noses, eskimo style?

(teasing) neil

 2010/10/29 19:07

 Re: snuf

And He washed their stinkin feet with love. He was not holding His nose. That is our God!

 2010/10/29 19:26

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Oh how proud and disillusioned we have come in the modern church for such a statement to be made. Sadly many believe this statement because we have been trained up to believe such things. As a small child there is nothing more intimidating than seeing a pastoral figure in an oversized pulpit standing over the congregation. This figure is then viewed as infallible as God Himself. As the individual grows up he has to option questions authority or submits to it, those that question authority have no place in the church while those that submit simply replace those in authority over time repeating the cycle all over again. Ultimately the Institution must perserve itself and those apart of this institution must feed and play into the institution or simply be cut off from it. This doesn't harbor love for the Brothers and Sisters but Love of the infastructure, all apart of it and even those not apart of it keep it going.

Would you like to take a humility test for your pastor? Ask him what part of the body he is. You maybe surprised to find he thinks he is the head. I may start another thread with this topic in mind because I never really figured out an answer that was logical other than he is a finger and toe just like everyone else.

Matthew Guldner

 2010/10/29 20:05Profile


And He washed their stinking feet with love. He was not holding His nose. That is our God!

How great is our God
How great is His name
How great is our God
Forever the same
He rolled back the waters
Of the mighty Red Sea
And He said, "I'll never leave you,
Put your trust in Me"

 2010/10/29 21:36

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This thread reminds me of an old song by "The Police" in the eighties where Sting sang..."Poets, Priests and Politicians...have words to thank for there positions." A rather sad comment from a worldly point of view. It has stuck in my mind for a long time as a reminder of the importance of genuine faith. Mother used to punish my sister and I when we argued by making us touch our noses together, it was so brutal!

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/10/29 21:52Profile

Joined: 2009/12/4
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"my Mother used to punish my sister and I when we argued by making us touch our noses together, it was so brutal!"

My mother made us give each other a kiss and a hug that was just plan cruel :) One time my dad made my brother and sister trade punches, needless to say my brother never hit a girl ever again. I use to have a spitting problem my mom cured that right quick after making me spit in the trash can for 15 minutes which when spitting feels like an eternity :). Honestly I am not quite sure I have heard of the nose thing but I am guessing it worked like a charm.

Matthew Guldner

 2010/10/29 22:38Profile

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