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TrueWitness was just providing some scriptures in reference to laying up gold and silver in the last days. I am sure they do not know Neil's Biography as well as some do here, we should not all assume here, that everyone knows everyone else as we do.


 2010/10/28 17:59Profile

 Re: Dear dear brothers.

Bill, AD, Christiaan,

i thank and bless God for all of you, for patient understanding, for not misconstruing what i was sharing.

i thank God that i have no lust for money, silver, things, lodged in the garrisons of my soul.

God is so Real, and Jesus is so Loving, He always does provide that homer of manna, daily, and i worship Him, and as Habakkuk the prophet said, even when there is no cattle in the stalls, i will still worship Him.

Indeed...these are the last days, without a doubt. But who knows the time frame but the LORD? This thing...the world, could muddle along for another 200 years.....200 minutes......200 months.....200 days...God knows.

Hear me for a second, just be very wary about the health and buying power of the dollar, it may not hold up, which is why i counseled silver purchases...prudent purchases.

May God bless you all so richly with blessings of His Voice, His Hand, in yours, neil

ps,,,my sister MJ, who i love in the Lord, thank you.

 2010/10/28 21:42

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