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"It puzzles me though why God wouldn't include slavery among the other matters in His earlier 'turnings of tourniquet;' ie. why He didn't speak out against it much earlier."

I am not sure Brother. I wish I had an answer for that, but unfortunately for me it must boil down to trust that God knows what is best.

Jesus himself sweat drops of Blood asking His Father if there was any other way to redeem man...God's response was silence, And Jesus went into the dark long night alone, trusting the will of his Father.

I just see in scripture that God is fixing the problems of humanity through His Son primarily. I think that scripture seems to show that God was more concerned with laying the axe to the root of the tree of sin more than he was concerned with vast social reform (this is entirely my opinion from reading scripture, I am sure some could disagree with me.) Jesus tasted death and temptation for every man. I find great peace in this.

As far as being critical, it is very possible that because of language and communication that you and I mean different things. However the word honors those with A-Ready-Mind. A-Ready-Mind willingly receives the word of truth. My only concern would be to have a mind that even in the face of not understanding a trust that God is good and knows what is best. You may already be doing that and I am mis-interpreting what you mean by being critical. You may simply be curious and just want to know why.

The ultimate end of all of these problems will come when Jesus folds the heavens up like a vesture and places all of his enemies under his feet, and one of those enemies will be those who traffic in the souls of men. The great Babylonian whoreish system WILL be dealt with...the sons of God will be revealed, and there will be a new world wherein dwells not but peace and righteousness. The end of all things makes sense of the present and past. Hope maketh not ashamed...

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Thank you so much, Areadymind. I receive that wisdom.

Where I can't push in to know a thing, and God is silent, then yes, I trust Him as all-knowing, and all-good. Many have trusted Him unto death, and that is how I pray my faith will be too.

I agree also; I haven't finished reading the bible, but my perception is the same: God is primarily concerned with sin.

In the final analysis too, 'love your neighbour as yourself' or 'what you do for the least of these...' tells me everything I need to know about God's position on slavery.

The most helpful insight for me was the one about God gradually unfolding His work of sanctification/justification from the time of the law, and through to the cross. Thank you for that.

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