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 Greg Violi

I have no idea why any of you would speak of Greg Violi the way you are. I've sat in several of his meetings -- where people left and never came back...WHY!?!?!? have no idea -- all he does is speak the WORD OF GOD!! It pierces your heart -- and changes it!! PERIOD!!! Too convicting maybe!! You don't like it that he teaches on Pride, Humility, Surrendering to the ONE....Greg is loving and a wonderful man of GOD. WOE be to you who slander his name and criticize and judge him. You better look at the plank in your own eye... Concentrate on what GOD wants to do in YOUR life -- and not judge another man of GOD!!

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 Re: Greg Violi

I would encourage you not to react and speak in such ways on this discussion forum. Accusatory speech is not accepted on these forums.

We should be about Jesus Christ not a man as much. May God guard our tongues as we speak on these forums. I have personally decided not to add Greg's messages to the website after prayer and listening to some of them.

I will not slander this brothers name.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Dear Brothers in Christ on SI,

we have to guard our heart and make a decision like Greg Gordon did, not to slander and judge ANY christian. I realize over the years that the SI disscussion forum has become more and more "against doctrines" than it is "for revival" and "for Christ". That presents a problem to me, for it is easy to be against false doctrines (and, yes, there are many...) and to see the weaknesses in our brothers. Actually the devil is very interested in showing us weaknesses and errors in other christians, because if we only see all the bad stuff in christianity we lose our praise and worship attitude in our heart, the melodies in our heart cease.

If we focus on the negative (false doctrines, false prophets, all the mixture, etc) it will be very hard for us to see Christ on the throne, to see that "the full earth is full of his glory" and to believe that he is still in control.

Instead of preaching against or focusing on all the bad stuff (i.e. focusing what the devil is doing) we should preach the word as it is written. The Word of God is a sword and it will convict and expose every false doctrine. but our focus has to be the word of god, it has to be CHRIST SEATED IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES.

There are actually christians on this board who believe that revival will come when all false doctrines are exposed. That is totally wrong: when we expose all false doctrines, the devil will invent some new ones and the game continues...

But Revival will come if we let the Word of God convict US of our flesh, our worldliness, our pride and if we have an attitude of worship and praise in our heart.

If anyone has any questions about Greg Violi or his ministry feel free to ask me. His ministry is now located in Germany and I know him personally very well. Since he lives with us here in Germany I can testify how his private family life actually is. There is much slandering out there, which is not true.

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