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 Dallas webcast

Hi Greg,

Is it possible to make the quietest speech louder? When I have max volume on the current speaker, he is only just loud enough to hear easily. (I'm not using headphones.)


I know there are many adjustments to make at the start of a conference. In general, this picture and quality of sound are excellent. Thanks again.

 2010/10/19 17:50

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 Re: Dallas webcast

I am getting the sound loud and clear. PTL.

I dont know how there could have been a dry eye. Maybe there wasn't any when that Pastor spoke on Jesus and the Cross. It is still touching my heart. Let Your glory fall on the prayer time this evening and all of us who are watching. We love You Jesus. We need You! We want You!

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we will try and increase the volume slightly. thanks for watching. Share it with others! 2 more days of brothers sharing:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/10/19 19:41Profile

 Re: Dallas webcast

Hi Greg,

Thanks. It seems better today. Much appreciated.

 2010/10/20 13:09

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