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 Zanzibar, Attacs on churches



Police on the small, predominately Muslim island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania have stepped up investigations and arrested three suspects after two Catholic churches were destroyed and a small Protestant church was set ablaze in a spate of violence in mid-October.

Roman Catholic Bishop Augustine Shao said it wasn’t clear who carried out the attacks. “We had no sour relationships with our [Muslim] brothers and sisters. You may find one person talking against another religion but it is not a common thing.”

The local Guardian newspaper reported that the Zanzibar mufti, Sheikh Harith bin Khelef, condemned the attacks on churches in the Unguja South region and called on Muslims in Zanzibar to respect freedom of worship.
Early this year, tensions increased on the island when an Islamist group held an illegal rally. Zanzibar is a generally peaceful, semi-autonomous territory of Tanzania governed by secular political parties.

From the news flow at Intercessors Network

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Zanzibar, Attacs on churches

We have continuing fellowship with a Zanzibar pastor who spent 6 months here as part of our church. Last year his son was kidnapped by militants and was missing for some days. During this time the son was subjected to sustained religions indoctrination and a message reached his father that he had converted. The Christian pastor was able to contact senior police officers who raided the premises of the militants and rescued the son. The son had remained strong in his personal faith in Christ.

In many of these East African states the 'balance' is shifting and Christians are increasingly under pressure.

Ron Bailey

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