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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : prayer for friends who are christians or professing

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Locport, Illinois

 prayer for friends who are christians or professing

I was over at my christian friends house Justin and Stephanie today and it is really sad what goes on at their house. My friend Jutin's family is a professing christian home who go to church every sunday, whether they are saved or not i will not be the judge but the situation at their house is frustrating what the parents let go on their. My friend justin and stephanie were allowed alone at their house their and stephanie got pregnant and has a baby now. Not only that they allow all the kids to be alone in the basement their and one of the other ids living their named Ken who is not blood related also got a girl pregnany whether they did it their i don't know i am just stating what has happened. We go over to their house and a bunch of them are smoking hookah, drinking alcohol, talking about getting drunk in the past and other things that a christian should not be talking about. Justin's father comes home and they ask him if he wants hookah like it doesn't matter and he is okay with everything. All of these emotions have come to me and with all my struggles this makes me skeptical on how i should act about it but i am angry, sad about their condition and don't know how to approach this. I have talked to Stephanie and justin but they get angry whenever say stuff to them. Should i approach their pastor about this , since the family is in this kind of lifestyle. Stephanie goes to my church and i just wish somebody would do something but am i the right man to do this, I really don't know, but i so frustrated that their all living like this. Many times i see christians who like watching family guy and gossip girl and all these bad things and i just want to say hey God hates this and does this bother you? But my struggles how i dare i speak, i at times have hatred and bitterness and hypocritical doubting spirit. Can you please pray for them, this really sad, please pray for them.

John Beechy

 2010/10/13 0:21Profile

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Black Mountain,N.C

 Re: prayer for friends who are christians or professing

Sombody on this site should be able to hook you up with a great message to ripp from topics and slip it to Stephanie and be sure to tell her your pain .We will pray for deliverance .She doing her LIFE right in front of Jesus Christ and she might as well be giving Yahweh the finger!!!!...............WOE............Your not alone love HURTS BIG TIME.


 2010/10/14 22:29Profile

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