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 Cartoon Tyranny: Terrorised by the figure that was not there

'"Non Sequitur" is a popular comic that runs daily in about 800 newspapers, including this one. But the "Non Sequitur" cartoon that appeared in last Sunday's Post was not the one creator Wiley Miller drew for that day.'

full article:

The irony of these and other events like them is deep and manyfold; and particularly so for a society that has had a history like ours.

It is ironic that the secular world in the west which has become so antagonistic to Christ is more and more terrorised by Mohammed, and that throwing off the tradition and values which gave them a foundation for religous freedom, they should know more and more what it is like to be under a true tyrant and despot like Mohammed and his religous system.

It is ironic that the secular media which so freely and unashamedly uses and abuses The Lord Jesus Christ, His Name, His Gospel, His people, His Word, that they should be utterly terrified to injure even ever so slightly, the tyrannt Mohammed. Even by a cartoon in which, he was not even there.

As though even the sound of a shaken leaf should chase us.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Cartoon Tyranny: Terrorised by the figure that was not there

Americans should wake up when they read stuff like this. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is everyone so scared of them?

America thinks it impossible to ever imagine living under the fear mongering tactics and oppression used in Islamic countries. They need to realize that's it's already on their doorstep, and yet they still want to invite it in, to make sure they retain their political correctness.

Though I don't agree with everything this man says, this video is spot on:

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