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 Sharia law being used in Germany

A leading law professor has contradicted Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that Sharia law was not practiced in Germany, saying a variety of Sharia-based rulings were being made all the time.

“We have been practising Islamic law for years, and that is a good thing,” Hilmar Krüger, professor for foreign private law at Cologne University, told Der Spiegel magazine.

Family and inheritance rulings were often made according to Sharia law, he said, listing a range of examples.

Women who are in polygamous marriages legal in their countries of origin can make claims of their husbands in Germany regardless of the fact that their marriages would not be lawful here. They can claim maintenance from their husbands and a share of an eventual inheritance, said Krüger. ...

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 Re: Sharia law being used in Germany

For me the rising of the Islam is a definite sign of Judgement from God. If Germany doesn't experience a revival, then our situation will shortly be like france or other nations.

Actually in France or Belgium it is even worse, but we are heading in the same direction. One problem of sin is, that it darkens/confuses the mind and politicians can't make decisions that are based on a sound mind, because of sin and guilt that is in the land.

This is the situation in Paris, France. The German Media refused to show news like this:

In Belgium it is similar now. Only nationwide repentance can stop this.

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When I was considering this, I was reading the "Public school students pray to Allah" thread, and thought about John the Baptist, the greatest man ever born of woman.

In his amazing Bolder than bold approach, [ completely anointed and led by God,"] he eventually was assassinated , by Herod of course. This seemingly useless sacrifice of one of the greatest prophets ever was accounted for reproving a infidel about his immoral lifestyle; a gross unbeliever. How could it be? It seems rather trivial, doesn't it?

John chose to obey God, knowing the consequences of his rebuke, over the sin of a wicked man; totally, and obviously in the perfect will of God. I considered this, and the state of the church, and considered why we must be dispersed.

I'm no better than my fathers I suppose...too much of the world in me, too much compromise....but I want to hear God, believing He has a response to the sad state of our country and church. I am hoping for a voice, [even if it cries from the wilderness],[If I hear it, I will go there...] as to His response to the world-wide encroachment of Islam, and imminently, America.

Will there be a church in the wilderness filled with hope? I think so; though simuntaneously covered in sackcloth; rejected and in sorrow. What a sight.

"Where are the Fathers? Where are the Fathers? Where are the Fathers?...

Pray that they will show up soon.

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Amen Brothertom!


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