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 Fred Phelps on Falwell's death

 2010/10/8 15:07

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 Re: Fred Phelps on Falwell's death

Fred Phelps is not a Christian. This is terrible.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/10/8 15:17Profile

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It is beyond my ability to comprehend how any Christian could even begin to support Pelps....

His rhetoric gives the critics a lot of fuel to blaspheme God's people.


Sandra Miller

 2010/10/8 15:59Profile

 Re: Fred Phelps on Falwell's death

the only nice part about that video was the beginning with the singing.

I never liked Falwell, but to say he is in hell roasting marshmellows is not our place to say.

Phelps on the other hand is pretty blatant, he's a joke.

 2010/10/8 16:34

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 Re: Fred Phelps on Falwell's death

This video is defiling and disgusting. I am very surprised that anyone who is a Christian would *ever* post something like this to SI. Do you want anyone to watch this?

Links like this, whether posted by professing Christians or permitted by the moderators, are exactly why revival is not happening. I don't want to see filth like this, and neither would one single person who is born again. This trash does not belong on SI, unless this site has changed its purpose.

Moderators, I would like to request you remove this post for the good of all.

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I haven't watched this; I have better things to do with my time. There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos on Youtube that are a perversion of Christianity. Why post selections from them here, other than to solicit a response?

Closed, as requested.

Paul Frederick West

 2010/10/8 21:51Profile

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