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 Perspective - Big Picture

When your backs against the wall,
And your faced with monsters who attack those you love,
When things don't turn the way you want to,
When your friends are miles ahead of you in terms of "success",
Lift your head, and know this within, Jesus never fails.

When problem after problems rolls over you,
And you don't have the solution,
Lift your head oh Christian for your not alone,
Jesus is interceeding for you, Jesus never fails.

When you wonder if your forgotten, in the midst of adversity,
When you try to pray but don't feel like,
Knows this Oh Christian that all heaven has their eye on
The apple of God's eye.

Don't relent, don't give up, It ain't over,
Jesus never fails; he never gives up,
He will see you through, hang in there;
The cross is painful but look towards the reseruction on the other end.

When wicked people seem to prosper,
And your getting negative returns when you do what is right,
Remember oh christian there is no reward for ethical behaviour,
Your precedecesors got thrown in prisons for doing the right thing !
We can both agree your getting away a little easy.

When people take advantage of you,
Remember you took advantage of Jesus,
Sometimes even continue to take advantage of Jesus

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