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 Re: Relax Brother

Brother Jim, your FINAL WORD was disturbing. Up until this point, I thought I knew what you were meaning, but now, I question your statements.

Brother, your stressed out. 55 hour work week is too much and then church duties on top of that, plus your writings, uh uh, that is simply not going to work, your killing yourself all in the name of God, and believe me, God would have you slow down. And if you have a wife and family, your killing that relationship as well.

I am serious brother you need to slow down. Lets face it, there is no one that is going to stop the "remnant" from thinking the way they think. And I am not against it because I have knowledge that God is in this so called movement called the Remnant. If there is to be a move of God, God's people who want God have to move out of their complacency. And if the Pastor refuses to move with the hunger of it's congregation, then the congregation is going to move out and try to find others of like minded faith and if they can't find another church then they will get together with others. And if they don't know of others, then they will remain alone until they do find others.

Brother, we can't change what's ordained of God and which has been in the works for quite some time. It must happen. But rest assured. Demoninations will flourish like they did before after great revivals when even some of those that had great stirrings end up starting works of their own, separating themselves from others saying that they have the truth and no one else does. Remember there is nothing new under the sun. That is the way of all flesh.

Right now, people are sick and tired. They want God, they want power and they want to see people saved. This is the mindset of the so called remnant, and you have to just hold your peace and watch what God does with this group of people, lest you find yourself even fighting against God.

 2010/10/4 12:09


Ok, great, but why mention the fasting. Because, emphasis was intended to be on the fasting, not the revelation or the sharing.

We mention it because it gives it a little bit more of "oomph" to what is being revealed. Basically the person is saying, "I didn't just get this by sitting around, I prayed and fasted".

There is nothing wrong in mentioning it, it's how it's being mentioned. I for one fasted and prayed for 24 days. I mention it here because I love it and want to do it again and longer, not because I am looking for praise from men. I am the type of person that when I hear praise, I run away. The Pharisees wanted everyone to know how holy they were on the outside, it was all a show of the flesh. But we who have the mind of Christ, this is not so.

 2010/10/4 12:18

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Alberta, Canada


I think I am done on this thread as well (Jimmy has quit it, apparently).

...I just want to emphasize that this is a very critical hour in the purposes of God. It takes, I think, vision to see that, and so, may the Lord grace our eyes-- all of us--to see. May He anoint our eyes with eyesalve that we might SEE the immensity of the hour that is at the door. It has happened in the past that people missed the hour of their visitation.

Of course, as always, the secret of spiritual vision is to first be able to see we are blind. That's the hard part. It seems so hard for us to come to the awareness that we simply haven't been seeing. We think we see already. And when we think we already see, well... that problem has been around for a long time. Jesus said once (and is saying still) "For judgment I am come into this world that they which see not might SEE, and that they which see might be made blind" (Jn. 9.39).

What an awesome thing. That one thing: the coming of LIGHT-- becomes a judgment that is so wonderful, and great great joy; or something that... I can hardly put it down... something that BLINDS us... depending on which of these two camps we are in. Help us, Lord!

Allan Halton

 2010/10/4 13:03Profile


Hi, for anyone who missed it, here is the link for "The terrible Doctrine of the Remnant," by A.W.Tozer. It the other side of the view that Jimmy posted here and was posted just over a week before this thread

 2010/10/4 14:46

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Brother Jimmy,

I heartily concur with what you have written.

With care in Christ...

Taylor Otwell

 2010/10/4 14:55Profile

 Re: Pilgrim777

When speaking of structure, it was meant to refer to the structure: house, assembly hall, office, porch, watermelon patch, etc.

Doctor, your thought are concurred with in what you wrote though.

Most church's format of meeting are viewed akin to the money-grubbing entertainment industry. . . like going to watch a play or recital.

It not known if we are that far apart at all.
*Elbows on desk and chin resting between his hands, phanetheus ponders*


 2010/10/4 17:36


What exactly is "oomph"?

 2010/10/4 17:59


Meaning for Oomph: Energy and Vigor.

Since people might be dropping away like flies from this thread, I want to say that I loved the input that everyone has hastily participated in response and in defense of what they believed. It was invigorating. It was fun!!

 2010/10/4 20:26


Great post Jimmy. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. I have skimmed your posts for time sake and will read them soon but I did read the opening post.

I too have had a difficult time finding a church and pardon my french but I worked my ass off in the last year trying to find one and I have given up many things for Him and God has been for the most part very silent and I feel like I can't do this anymore.

I'm being socially ostracized for speaking up for the truth. I only speak truth, not because I'm better than anyone but it is the right thing to do. I was asking for everyone to be accountable for one another and speak out and even call me out when I'm wrong. I wanted everyone to be treated equally. But they indirectly/directly ostracized me and as a result I have lost all of my friends because they treat church as a social gathering. For most it would not matter if we replaced the word Jesus with Buddha or Mohammed, it's just a place to hangout and have fun and better our lives.

So I was burnt out from going to church, how can you go when church is as representative of Christ as a Buddhist temple. But I'm still going and trying to do what I need to but IT'S HARD. It feels like a piece of me dies everytime I go. I can't stand the hypocrisy, I feel sick everytime I think of it. (again, I'm not proclaiming I'm more holy, because I am a wretched sinner, the only difference is that I am trying to find out who this God is)

I'm burnt out and I'm dying literally. I have no job, money is running out, health is failing, I've lost all my friends, and even my family has turned cold. I've lost a lot and the future looks bleak but how do we solve this problem?

What can we do? What does God want us to do?

 2010/10/10 5:00

 Re: Coming Out of The Church: The Remnant Heresy

Escaping the Theology of Babylon, a sermon by Carter Conlon in 2005, speaks into this situation, codek.

There is one paragraph in particular, which made my ears stand up and dreadfully encouraged my heart when I heard it the first time, towards the end of the first half hour.

This is a 'must hear' sermon for those who are feeling strangled (legitimately) by the death in the church system in their locality.

 2010/10/10 7:52

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