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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers in FBI Training Forum With Pro-Abortion Orgs

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 Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers in FBI Training Forum With Pro-Abortion Orgs


Documents obtained today reveal the Obama administration partnered with leading pro-abortion organizations to host an FBI training seminar in August with the sole focus of declaring as "violent" the free speech activities of pro-life Americans.

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 Re: Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers in FBI Training Forum With Pro-Abortion Orgs

Interesting....this article reminded me of an email I get the other are parts of it:

"It's official!" reads the message from Michael, the
local 40 Days for Life coordinator in Severna Park,

"We have confirmed that Gynecare is closed," he wrote,
"and will not reopen its doors. The office suite that
Gynecare has operated in for years is already listed
for rent, and we have confirmed with the listing agent
that the current tenant will be completely out of the
office soon!"

For the seventh time now, the Lord has responded to
40 Days for Life volunteers' prayers by closing the
doors of a place where countless numbers of innocent
lives were lost!!!

40 Days for Life came to Severna Park in the fall of
2008, and the focus from the beginning had been this
Gynecare abortion facility.

However, the campaign faced a significant hurdle.
The center was located in a private development, and
the closest the volunteers could get was several
hundred yards away.

But they prayed ... and they prayed ... and they prayed,
that God would end abortions at this facility.

"God has heard our prayers and has moved; but we still
aren't done yet," said Michael. "We need to continue to
sing to and praise God for the answers and grace that
He has shown these past few months. Countless lives have
been saved and will be saved because of the closing of
Gynecare in Severna Park!"

To see a photo of 40 Days for Life team members from
Severna Park, please go to:

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

The point I find so fascinating is that the ones who were praying for this facility were several hundred yards away! Next they will have to figure out they can get Christians to quit praying, ah reckon!


Sandra Miller

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