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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Question about Judgment?

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 Question about Judgment?

I have heard someone say "I don't want to stand before the Lord and have Him say 'Where are the 2500 I issued to you to lead to Me?"

My question is this is this an accurate view of God's Judgement? Do you think He will quite literally ask for the numbers of people you didn't lead to Him? I am just curious because I don't know if I have a correct mind on God's judgment but something in my Spirit doesn't feel right about the said statement? Could someone help me out here :) I would appreciate it, Also some scripture references would be much appreciated.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Question about Judgment?

My understanding of judgment is that
we will be judged in words and in works.
By words; whether we kept and practiced
and obeyed GOD'S Word, and works; what
was done for the glory of GOD, for the
love of GOD, for the purpose and will
of GOD.

Martin G. Smith

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That particular statement is probably not a sound view of the judgment. One, it denies and neglects the power of God in regeneration and salvation. And, two, we have no Biblical evidence that God "issues" or assigned the lost to individual believers to "save them".

Taylor Otwell

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Joplin, Missouri

 Re: Question about Judgment?

Matthew: I would not feel right about it either, because it is not right.

I am sure the person making the statement does not want that to happen, but I am guessing that what is probably happening is that this person is very zealous and desires to motivate you to win the lost. It is not a zeal after knowledge and it is also not a Godly motivation. It is motivation by fear. It may convince someone to witness to the lost, but not out of love for them and desire to see them enter the kingdom. Instead they will be motivated by fear to save their own hide from this type of judgment. The only Godly motivation for winning the lost is a deep love for God and a heart that shares God's love and desire for the lost. It is a heart that breaks at the thought of someone not knowing God and having to face His wrath and judgment.

Nowhere is scripture do we find a quota of souls assigned to each person. This is a fabrication. Perhaps from a heart that is zealous for good things and means well, but still a fabrication.


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