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 Bishop Eddie Long

(CNN) -- Two Georgia men have filed a lawsuit claiming that prominent Atlanta, Georgia, pastor Eddie Long coerced them into sex.

The suits, filed Tuesday in DeKalb County, Georgia, allege that Long used his position as a spiritual authority and bishop to coerce young male members and employees of his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church into sex.

"Defendant Long has a pattern and practice of singling out a select group of young male church members and using his authority as Bishop over them to ultimately bring them to a point of engaging in a sexual relationship," the suits allege.

Long is considered one of the nation's top black preachers. His church has more 25,000 members, according to the suit, and was the site of Coretta Scott King's 2006 funeral, attended by then-President George W. Bush and three previous presidents. King was the widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Let us pray. Eddie Long has a church that he helped plant less than 2 miles from my house. It is a MASSIVE church in this area.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Bishop Eddie Long

If these allegations are true then this is indeed horrific! These allegations could also spark others to come out with more allegations against this man in time. "Be sure your sin will find you out;" if not in this world then that Great Day of Judgment. It is a promise of God that we reap what we sow. Let us not jump to judgment though friends; for these claims could also be false. For God's Name sake I hope they are.


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I pray the mercy of God on this man's life. May we desire to see them come to repentance and to be restored to the Lord lest they lose their souls.

This is one of many celebrity preachers who are habitually living in sin. Oh saints let us have love and mercy for these ones and see the Lord snatch them from the fire.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Hopefully it's a false accusation. If it's not may the Lord bring true repentance and faith.

Taylor Otwell

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 Re: Bishop Eddie Long

I am powerfully reminded of Art Katz' words after the 'Great' Paul Cain fell. He said the Lord Himself was unravelling a garment that has been created by men. As He unravells that garment more and more ministers and ministries will be seen for what they are. I vividly rememmber him saying, "and you can be sure that it will not in there"(the falling of Paul Cain).

Even the Apostle Paul said if he didnt keep under his body he himself would become a castaway after he preached to others. This I beleive is where many are falling. No seasons of fasting. No more seasons of late night tarryings before the Lord. No more seasons of early morning risings. Therefore the flesh rises up and takes position of the will. May we give ourselves to continually giving our flesh a black eye that we too will not become castaways. May the Lord heal and restore the breach in the mans life.

Eric Lanham

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Not sure about these allegations are true or false, but lets make the effort to remember these young men that say they have been assaulted. We hope and pray they are not making false allegations. And if it turns to be true, these men will need much prayer. Remember, Eddie Long is not the only one effected. His wife, congregation, family. Pray that the truth will come out.

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My brother,
I'm usually in agreement with your posts but this.....?

'This is one of many celebrity preachers who are habitually living in sin'

These allegations could be true or not but until the facts come out, I would hold off on making such a broad, sweeping comment.

Just my $0.02


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Very little love I am finding on this forum. Instead I finding a lot of self righteous pontifications from people who spout of on topics (and people) with no facts or evidence.

The Book of Proverbs labels those of you who are making such claims and accusations against a man who may or may NOT be guilty "fools".

If this man is found to be innocent will you all apologize as vigorously as you have condemned with no evidence? Doubtful.

Revival? Not until we all spend more time on our knees than we do condemning people. Fault finding, complaining, condemning and whining to make ourselves look spiritual is a false "revival". In fact, it has nothing to do with revival.

Get on your knees and weep for this man and his accusers all night long, and then come here and post. If you have not done that first then hold your tongues.

 2010/9/30 10:43

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Hi Theophila...

I don't think that Greg (SermonIndex) was necessarily speaking about the allegations of homosexual relations between Long and students from Long's school.

This "pastor" (Eddie Long) is one of the advocates of the modern "prosperity" message. It encourages individuals to covet the material things of this world. This covetous mindset is undoubtedly a sin. It teaches people to long for the things that people in this world enjoy -- and then claims that it is a godly attitude. It is a gross distortion of Scripture and the heart of God.

Eddie Long is a multi-millionaire who made millions of dollars every year from his "ministry." This fact was enough to encourage Congress to investigate his status as a "non-profit" ministry. Like Benny Hinn, Paula White and other advocates of this wicked nonsense, it has the potential of taking people's eyes off of the eternal and causing them to focus on the temporary things of this Earth.

Eddie Long might not be guilty in regard to the homosexual actions with students that he has been accused of by four young men. However, he has been preaching a sinful message for years. He has wallowed in greed and attributed such greed as a virtue. He literally preaches such greed from the pulpit. Believers are not supposed to be fixated upon a "want" for the riches of this world. We are supposed to be like Abraham who constantly looked elsewhere as he sought for a city whose builder and maker is God.

So, perhaps this is what Greg was alluding to?


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You an rest assured that if Eddie Long would be found innocent as charged there will be many on this forum who will be pleased.

No one is pleased when a Christian - professing or hypocrite - is found guilty of immorality. It will cause the ungodly to scoff at the Gospel. When David raped Bathsebath scriptures says it caused the ungodly to blaspheme. 2Samuel 12:14.

Then one has to consider the prosperity gospel Long has been preaching....apparently it is effective because according to the news reports he drives a $300,000 car...had no idea a car could cost this much unless it is gold plated throughout - maybe this report is wrong?


Sandra Miller

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