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Hemel Hempstead

 Conviction of Sin and a Hunger and thirst that Others will have a hunger and Thirst

John 16:8
8 And when he is come , he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

As a christian conviction of sin is a necessary reality in my life, I sometimes ask when I pray why I do not see more conviction of sin in the world and in the church! Then I asked the question I need more conviction of sin in my own life, I like the idea that God convicts sinners in the street but how about in our churches. How much sin goes untold in our churches and in our lives, we need the grace of God to live, Most People want revival but they do not want to pay the cost! I cannot go to my church and say you need more of conviction of sin in the church, I need to ask God to convict God of the sin in my life and the grace to handle it, As I know I do not like conviction of sin as it means sleepless nights and restlessness, we tend to ignore conviction in our life by filling our life with pleasures.
This week god has been convicting me of an issue and sometimes it is like Wrestling with God because I am so sinful. We all have ways to distract us from Gods conviction such as putting on Christian Music or the TV set if you watch it, whether it is holy or unholy. Sometimes it is eating something to stop me thinking about something, there is so many numerous ways to block Gods conviction power that we have become masters of Blocking it, me speaking as a master. Why should I expect the world to be convicted of sin if I am not! or even my own church! This is to end this short discourse to end on a more encouraging note

Matthew 5:6 KJV
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled .

If we want others to be convicted of sin, do we so want them to get closer to God, this is an area that breaks my heart, I so want People to go way beyond what I have learned which would not take much, do we hunger that those next to us sitting in our churches become lovers of prayer and lovers of the word of God or even the People and our Family who are Christians, As I want these guys like john the Baptist, You must Increase but I must decrease. I want God to get as much Glory out of my life as possible! Do we not hunger that those in our churches and who sit with us week on week to become Mighty Men of God who will. I have been praying personally for a while please place a deeper hunger and thirst not only in me for the Lord as I feel so dry, nothing in this world would satisfy me, no previous time with God or historical event that if the universe was filled with a concentrated particle of God and that was shrinked down to the quark level and then the Whole Universe was filled with the Lord again! I think when I was younger, I so wanted to know Gods word that I made the christian bookshop my home! Do we not long for others to go deeper into the Lord! I think sometimes you want others to experience the Mightiness of your personal prayer times and I wish People like Duncan Campbell and others thought like that in the past.

Even in small things such as jobs and things we wish that people lived in the best house or had the best job! Why cant we wish that they have deeper and deeper times with the Lord. That they put you to shame on your bible knowledge and in there prayer life and just in every area, why cant we hunger and thirst for others !

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Conviction of Sin and a Hunger and thirst that Others will have a hunger and Thir

Most People want revival but they do not want to pay the cost!

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 Re: Conviction of Sin and a Hunger and thirst that Others will have a hunger and Thir

It was a blessing reading your thread post. I believe we are in a time when we need conviction of sin a realisation of error and a revelation of something beautiful, pure and holy.

Duncan Campbell, A W Tozer and C H Spurgeon were great men, there has been a line of great men but a real lack of men to speak out against the sin of the nations.

God is due to make a move against the ungodliness, Judgement is knocking at the door, keep your passion burning, keep praying, learning and speaking to God. Right now the world needs good obedient holy men of God who are filled with the Spirit to speak a message of regeneration into the souls of men. This can only happen if you abiding in Him, also walk like him.

Blessings to you, may the hope thats eternal burn ever so brightly and energise the depths of your being that your mouth may speak the riches that are found in Christ.

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